What is Your Kids Trundle Bed Really Doing to Them?

Kids Trundle Bed

Do you know what your children will get from a kids trundle bed?  We don’t think you really know, not REALLY, and we’re going to shed some light on what these little works of art actually mean to your kids.

Kids Trundle Bed

See which style your children have (or want), and you’ll get a better idea of what your children think are the benefits and what they may want out of the trundle bed they have in their home. 

Pop Up Trundle Bed

If you have one of these beds for kids in your home, your kids are most likely thinking about the overnight sleepovers they are going to have with their very best friend.

Kids are ALWAYS thinking about sleepovers with their friends, but a BEST friend sleepover is special.  That best friend is an equal… someone worthy of equal time…  and equal space and height.

The pop up trundle bed frame that rises to the same level of the original bed is going to provide the foundation for many hours of talk, teenager analysis, joking and jesting, or just sitting close to one another, absorbed with individual activities but in close proximity, as the early morning hours rush on.

If you have one of these kind of trundles and a child who loves sleepovers, you gotta know you’re child is dreaming of the nights and evenings they will have to share equally of their home, family, and time with that one person who is the buddy in life that makes them feel at peace with themselves and with the world.

Wood Trundle Bed Frame

Your child’s wood trundle bed frame is creating a solid base from which your child feels safe and secure to grow up into a strong, sturdy young adult.

Just as a tree has a solid wooden foundation, its trunk, from which it grows upwards, reaches out, blooms, and then grows into maturity, the heavy, solid base creates that non-swaying foundation that helps your child remember that while he may be growing and changing, his base (and that means his family as well as his own start in life) will always be a firm and lasting point of support for him or her.

If you have a child that is maturing at a quick pace or might need that extra amount of assurance in their quickly changing world, a wooden bed frame may help ease some of the insecurities and uncertainties in your child’s fast moving or fast changing life.

Daybed Trundle Bed

Does your child have a daybed trundle bed in his or her bedroom?

That is most probably just fine, but as a parent, remember what daybeds are made for…. for extra sleeping arrangements when you have someone for a visit.  Daybeds inherently are usually there so a daybed trundle can be pulled out for just a time period.  Therefore, lurking behind that daybed trundle is an unconscious conjecture that time is fleeting and tomorrow is another day.

Daybed trundles are great for guest beds, but when it comes to kids trundle beds, it might be best to keep them limited to older high school students and college age students at home who already know their time as a child will be ending soon as they stick around just a little longer and then move out into their new phase of life.

Metal Trundle Bed

If you have ever read up on the old Chinese art of Feng Shui, you might remember that the Chinese portrayed metal (including iron and brass) as reminders of protection.  Just as the sword was used to protect in battle on on the home front, the feng shui element of metal portrayed security and protection.

Of course, interior decorators using this frame of reference also say that you must make sure your furniture and accessories do not have any rough metal edges to get cut on, especially when it comes to childrens beds!

While a metal trundle bed may portray the essence of safety and protection, the bright colors that metal beds come in and the ease of adding bedroom color around a metal bed can also provide a creative and whimsical portrayal of life in your child’s small but very important-to-him (or her) part of the world.

Entire kids trundle bed sets incorporating metal with other material, colors, and styles is easy to do and can provide a great way to use your own creativity as a parent while showing your child it is OK to reach out and try new things.

You can also find great bedroom decorating ideas that fit in nicely with metal kids beds, regardless of your budget, also showing your child that one doesn’t need a lot of money to be creative and enjoy life!

Bunk Beds with Trundle Bed

If you have a set of kids bunk beds with trundle attachment in tow, that might say more about what you’ll be getting than it says about your what your kids will.

If you have one of these in your home, it sounds like you have, or will be getting, a whole lot of kids in your house, but that’s OK.  When it comes to families, the more the merrier!


Any kids trundle can be a good choice.  It’s just nice to know what your children will be getting… and now that you know, enjoy your kids trundle bed along with every minute you have with your child!

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Childrens Trundle Bed or Bunk Beds – What’s Best for Your Kids?

Childrens trundle bed or bunk beds

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Chances are also that you are a person who either needs to consider space or who wants to make the most use out of the space you have.

Both options can be great options for children, and either decision would clear floor space for other kids bedroom furniture, toy storage, or a play space.

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However, when deciding which one of these two purchases you are going to make, ask yourself these questions first to avoid making the wrong decision for your family.

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