Our God Given Potential | A Lesson From the DNC Platform

democratic national convention 2012 god in platform

I’ve been writing a series of articles geared towards family finances and have two more articles to complete my series.  Did I want to finish that up before I went on?  You bet.

However, yesterday’s fight at the Democratic National Convention got me side tracked a little.

Or perhaps an Almighty God sidetracked me.

For all intents and purposes, whatever or Whoever sidetracked me did so for good reason because I learned something really important, and I felt led to share.

Here’s what I learned about God from the floor fight over His name at the Democratic National Convention 2012.

democratic national convention 2012 god in platform

The DNC doesn’t always look like this.
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Our God-Given Potential and the DNC Platform Fight

At first I thought the DNC platform fight was about God Himself; my concern being that the leaders of the Democratic Party right now did not even want God in their party at all.

With so many faiths involved in American politics and in this presidential election, I can at least empathize with any party who is trying to lead people of all faiths in a political system that includes many people of many different faiths.

But then I looked at the “God” wording that was left out of the DNC 2012 platform again this morning, and I saw it.

I don’t believe the delegates of the different faiths had a problem with the word “God” at all.  After all, even the previous platform described a very generic god.  Without mention of Christ Jesus and with only a reference to “God”, any delegate of any faith could have related to the earlier platform in that very specific sentence which said “… everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential.”

(See the entire wording at:  http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/09/05/democrats-restore-references-to-god-jerusalem-in-platform/)

Now while an atheist may have been less likely to have related to a God given potential, most people of any faith at all could have related to this.  It sounded like we had a whole lot more than God-dissing dissenters there though.  There had to have been people of “faith” who objected.

But without a reason of religion for those people of faith to be so objectionable to the wording, what then could be the problem?

That’s when I saw something today.

The DNC 2012 platform wording concerning God that changed HAD read:

“… everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential.”

That specific wording changed to:

“… each one of us should be able to go as far as our talent and drive take us.”

Here is what I saw today…

I saw a different kind of fight and it was:

God’s  Potential for Us Verses Our Own Personal Drive

I think that’s where the problem really lies with many.

The feeling that we shouldn’t expect something from others; the assumption that maybe some people just don’t have any talent or skills at all; the philosophy that we shouldn’t make a person feel obligated to do as much as they are capable of; the idea that if someone doesn’t HAVE the drive, they shouldn’t be expected to do anything more than they feel like doing, are all foundational beliefs that could cause a person, even of a faith, to disregard the idea of having to work towards a God-given potential.

The thing is though, we ALL have some kind of God given potential!

Our Creator instilled in us something that is ours and ours alone to use on this earth.  No matter where we have come from, where we will be tomorrow, or what we have or do not have as far as earthly possessions, we all have something to offer… to contribute… something to give away… something to do.  Something to DO with what we have, regardless of our “drive”.

We have a Heavenly Father who has given each one of us something special just to our own selves, to our very own beings, be that some package of talent, skills, knowledge, understanding, wisdom, opportunities, friendships, relations, passion, personality, opportunities, or place in life.

When God gives you something, you better believe He expects us to do something with those things!   “Drive” should NOT be an issue.  “Drive” can keep us down if we don’t have it.

We need to look PAST drive and just do our driving!

Proverbs 12:24 says:

The hand of the diligent shall bear rule; But the slothful shall be put under taskwork.

That’s from the American Standard Version since I felt it made the point so well.

If we work hard, things happen.  If we don’t have the drive and do little or worse, nothing much at all, we end up becoming slaves.

We may be slaves to something, lifetime laziness, inability to break free from a sin, inability to break free from bad feelings or thoughts, or government help.

We may be slaves to others and consequently end up with a lesser view of ourselves as human beings created for a purpose, an attitude which is less than what God intended for us and less than what we deserve as we are all special in God’s eyes.

We could even end up as slaves to ourselves, never being all that God intended of us with the removal of an obligation to do something with what God has given us, regardless of what is is that we have actually be given as our very own.

But if we rely our our own drive alone sometimes, we risk being a slave to someone or something else.

god given potential

Let me out of here, and you’ll see just what I can do!
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It’s not easy living up to our God-given potential.  It’s hard work doing that, and for some, a life work may be harder than for others.  That doesn’t give us a pass to do just what we feel like doing though.

In fact, living up to our God-given potential forces us to believe we can do something and to work hard for whatever it is that we have that possibility of doing!  We have to become responsible beings using every bit of our being!

That kind of sounds like conservative politics to me, and some may disregard the connection or disregard the entire idea.

But I’ll tell you what… If you believe in a God at all, and you believe He has a plan for you, I hope you know Him enough to believe He loves everyone enough to have a plan for them as well.

If you can do that, then just take it one more step to the realization that God never creates plans to just be thwarted by someone’s drive, or lack thereof.  God expects us to succeed in His plan for each of us, regardless of our “drive”.

I’m a Republican, a conservative GOPer, one of those #tcot people on Twitter.  But I have Democratic roots too.  The two people that brought me into this earth had two different political leanings, one Republican, one Democrat, and while I went the political path my mother took, I was my Democrat daddy’s little girl.

I am not trying to belittle what we saw yesterday with the DNC delegates.  I’m just trying to call out a reminder and a challenge to those who may not always best help the people of our country find that God-given potential that IS possible in their lives.

Give credit to a God who provides potential in ALL people.

Give honor to a God who expects all to work towards their potential.

Expect it all to be hard sometimes.

Give a hand when needed.. sure… but NEVER give an excuse to keep things as they are.

I’m guess I’m saying I think it is OK to encourage ALL people to have a drive – to find a passion and to have a drive, to expect people to DO something and not just stand back.  Perhaps this is where my conservative political leanings come in.

But I still feel there is a lesson to be learned here, both from the DNC platform and FOR the DNC- EVERYONE has something to offer.  EVERYONE has a God given potential.

Don’t take away the God-given potential of people away because you want to leave the drive out of the equation!

Can you step up now and expect us all to work at that God given potential even if it is hard to do or they don’t feel like doing it?

As I mentioned at the very beginning of this article, I was in the process of another task, a task which I had set for myself.

But I felt led to another task, a different potential goal than I had for myself.

I took the step I was given to do, regardless of my own drive at the time.  I’ll now trust the Lord to do what He can do with it.  At the very least, I believe taking on a God-given potential is better than just letting myself be a slave to my own desires and ambitions.

My own drive would never get me anywhere good at all.  No, never.

Without Rick Perry as a GOP candidate, how should I vote?

We live in Texas, so many of my friends and family know how much I like Governor Rick Perry.  He has had a great career as a conservative governor and as a leader for The Great State of Texas.

When Rick Perry became a GOP candidate for President this time around, I was ecstatic.  It was even easier to back such a man as I researched more specific issues pertaining to his record, his character, and his platform.

I just really liked, and I STILL like, Governor Rick Perry and had hoped he would be the Republican nominee.

But alas, it did not seem to be going in his direction, at least not this time around.  Governor Perry felt the need to perform a “strategic retreat”, and he dropped out of the race.

See what a “strategic retreat” is here:  What is a strategic retreat?

I believe my first step in figuring out how to vote after that move was feeling just a little sad.  I think that was OK.  As I said, I not only liked our Governor, I personally saw what he did in Texas.  I knew how he stood in politics, and I thought he would be a great President of The United States of America.  It would be natural to be a little sad.  It would also be natural to be a little bit confused.

Without Rick Perry as a GOP candidate, how should I vote?

Rick Perry is taking a strategic retreat as a 2012 GOP candidate. So what am I supposed to do now then?

Well first of all and before you decide what you will to do in this nomination process and 2012 general election, keep these words on your heart:

“His Sovereignty rules over all.” – Psalm 103:19

Yes, whatever route you chose to take right now or whichever candidate you chose to support or not support right now, God will rule supreme in it all.

God is not asking you to rule the world.  He’s just asking you to do the part He has for you to do in this world.  If you do what the Lord wants you to do and then trust in God’s Ways, you will have done the right thing.  You will also have done no harm to what love, protection, help, discipline, care, or plans God for this world or for America in particular.  God is in control, so don’t worry whether your actions will produce what you believe they should or not.  Just live in God’s Will for you, and God will take care of the rest.

There.  That is true Scripture, and that should relieve some of the anguish you may be feeling at this time.  However, you do still have the responsibility to figure out what exactly God DOES want you to do from this point on.  What direction should you go?  What steps should you take?  Who should you vote for in the 2012 election?

Remember now, you are not ruling the world here.  You are only trying to figure out what God wants you to do as one piece of His puzzle!

If this helps you to find your own way in this, I believe there are a few steps you can initially take that will help you determine what you need to do in the short term, near future, and actually, for a longer period of time as well.

  • Hide Psalm 103:19 (see above) in your hearts.  God is in control, and nothing you do will stop His plans.  So don’t fret too much if your re-directed journey plans will be the end result or not.  Just figure out what the Lord has for you to do within HIS journey.
  • Be open to whatever it is God is going to call upon you to do.  Proverbs 3:5-6  says:  Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.”  The way I see it, you can pray for guidance all you want, but if you are not REALLY open to God’s leading to begin with, you’ll never hear the direction God is calling you to to begin with!  So, free your heart to God’s Will (Psalm 103:19) and then open your mind to God’s leading (Proverbs 3: 5-6), and you will be ready for the next real “action” step.
  • Pray for guidance, and know that He will direct your steps towards God’s purpose and glory.  Romans 8: 27 says: “And He who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.”
  • Finally, be prepared for great things the Lord will do, whether it is now, tomorrow, next year, or the next millennium.  Continuing on from that last Scripture, Romans 8: 28 says:  “We know that in everything God works for good with those who love Him, those who are called according to His purpose.”  God WILL do something for you and through you!  You may see it, or you may not, but God will help you and will bless what you do in His name!

That said, you can probably see that I don’t expect all Rick Perry supporters to follow the same path from here on out.  Oh yea, the national party may disagree on whether we should or not, but if you are a Christian or a person of another faith who wants to follow a Higher Power’s guidance, or if you are just a person who wants to make an individual choice based on what is important to YOU, then you will be seeking your own path to follow and going on from there based on things other than the GOP.

Just remember though, that just as God has made us each very special individuals in HIM, and He may call us to different routes to his ultimate ending to this election cycle, he needs us all, just as we are.  And no matter what, it will be OK.

Job 42: 2  “I know that you can do all things; no plan of yours can be thwarted.”

And that even includes in politics!  🙂

For those of you who may be wondering what route I have found for me after Governor Perry’s strategic retreat, below is the list of steps I feel called to follow right now.  These steps may change.  Who knows, my entire route my change.  For now though,  in my sorrow and disappointment I sought the Lord, and for ME, this is where I am going.

Just remember, your path may be different, and if we are in this together IN THE LORD, all things WILL work together.  So be yourself in Christ and keep the faith!

Here is my new direction…

I had to have some time.  I thought I might need more time than this, but I feel the Lord has given me a path now, and I will take it.

I do not like any of the remaining candidates.  Oh yes, some are better than others, and I could probably even prioritize.  However, there is no one candidate I feel is worthy my “time”, “attention” or my “heart”.

Therefore, I feel at peace with what I’m going to do.  I feel these steps were first given to me by God after prayers for direction, and I can see the sense of these steps in all ways, at least for ME.

1.  I will not actively support or help any one Republican candidate right now.

2.  At the same time, I will not oppose any one Republican candidate right now either (with the exception of pointing out pro-life records and history of our candidates).

3.  I will NOT vote in the primary because I would only be voting AGAINST someone if I did and not FOR anyone.  Since I am not going to help or hinder any one of them during the primary, and since I do not feel any of them are well equipped for a presidential fight or right for the presidential role, I do not feel guilty letting the supporters of those candidates pick which one of the remaining candidates they want to put against Barack Obama.  I will let the remaining “consensus” of the Republican Party as a whole now choose.  They are the ones that picked those four GOP candidates to begin with, not me.

4.  When the general election time comes around, I WILL vote for the candidate the Republican Party puts up.  At that point, I feel I actually AM voting FOR that candidate because I want any Republican over Barack Obama.

5.)  If our Almighty God reveals some change of plan along the way, I’ll revamp my steps as He sees fit and as He calls me to respond.

Disclaimer:  I hope that many conservatives like me will be fed up with the current Republican National Committee and for the media, ALL the media, who have used their power to create untruths and misrepresentations of Governor Rick Perry.

Right along with that though, I also hope that many conservatives will take their own steps, as I have chosen mine above, to show those who have been guilty of misdoings, that we are not going to just simply go along with those misdoings, that we will not help them when they are involved in actions which are intolerable to us personally.  Being steadfast in our firm support of qualified and honorable candidates only (as they are available); remaining active and engaged in the circles of conservative politics, emails or phone calls to, or boycotts or blackouts of dishonest media outlets; even letters to the Republican National Committee, tweets on Twitter, or sharing information on corruption and dishonesty on Facebook groups should remind our political leaders, pundits, and reporters that Americans see dishonorable behavior and will not tolerate it without a fight.

While I don’t want to see our party system ripped apart, and while I pray for the overall safety and well being of our country, I believe there are steps each one of us can do to make our point, points which, when all combined, will not hurt our country but help our country become better, stronger, and more based on faith in God instead of money, power, and poll numbers.

Blessings to those fellow friends who were with me on the journey to make a Governor Rick Perry for President in 2012 a reality.  We have had some good times and have had some trials which, as even Governor Perry has mentioned, strengthened our faith.

We were together, and now we take our separate paths in this 2012 election, but as we go about our own callings, we can always know that our goal was noble and our calling was clear.

Now just find your new calling, and God will provide the goal for us now.

Proverbs 21:31 The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but victory belongs to the Lord.