Green Camping Gear That is Easy on the Earth AND Your Budget

Getting Green Camping Gear at a Discount

There are tons of ways to save the earth and save money on vacations too.

Camping with green camping gear can actually do both, but you need to know how to get good deals on your eco friendly camping gear before you can put those luxury camping supplies into a limited family vacation budget. If you like the idea of green camping products but are not sure you can afford them, here’s a list of the top discount camping gear and camping gear stores (or other retail stores that carry camping supplies) that will help you go green AND let you stretch your family camping vacation budget at the same time. » Read more

The 5 Best Online Camping Stores for Discount Camping Gear

Below is our list of the top 5 online camping stores where you can find good buys on outdoor camping equipment, deals on those camping supplies you’ve been looking at, camping tents for sale, and discount camping gear for items you can be sure are well suited for your next camping adventure but just right for your wallet.

online camping stores discounted camping gear

I’m running to my computer with this full body sleeping bag on to find some more camping supplies discounted at these online camping stores! Wow, I’m getting hot running in this thing!

# 1  Mountain Plus Outdoor Gear at

  • One of the first camping stores online and, in my opinion, the best online camping store out there is Mountain Plus Outdoor Gear
  • Mountain Plus is not known primarily for selling discount camping gear online, but good deals and discounts abound all through their webpages.  You won’t be looking at cheap camping gear.  You’ll see good quality supplies for camping, many on sale and reduced in price, which helps you greatly when trying to find the right outdoor gear that will suit your needs and your budget.
  • You will see respected brand names
  • You will see quality products
  • You won’t see the largest inventory, but it is more than sufficient, and you can be confident in knowing it is the best suited OF the inventory that is out there for purchase.
  • The best part of this company is their knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful customer representatives.   In this company, customer service is king.
  • While some of their products will have a regular price, MP Gear also offers regular sales and price reductions of up to 25% and seasonal sales of up to 60% or so.
  • To see this website in the way it is best seen, just browse through all their camping products at this camping online store, and you’ll see all the great deals all throughout your browsing.

# 2  Back Country at

  • Love the selection of good quality tents at Back Country, and if you check their tents on sale, listed throughout their site right along with their regularly priced tents, you can find a fantastic discount tent.
  • By the way, you can find 4 season tents at Back Country too, and that’s pretty special in and of itself.
  • You can also find high quality Marmot sleeping bags plus some of the other best sleeping bags on sale at

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#3  The Coleman Company’s Website

  • Coleman has perhaps the most well known name in camping gear, their quality is in fact legendary, and Coleman camping tents are almost an American tradition.  However, if you take the time go look through the website, you can find discount camping equipment and travel accessories.
  • There is also a camping gear outlet at their site.
  • Of all the sales and discounts you can find at camping equipment stores online, this camping store is the only one where you can focus JUST on Coleman products while saving a bundle along the way.

#4  Campmore

  • You’ll find the best names in outdoor equipment at highly discounted prices
  • Check out Campmor’s Hot Deals, online specials, sales items, and “Deal of the Day”, their daily deals which they change every Wednesday.  There are plenty of ways to save at this online camping store.

#5  Sierra Trading Post

  • You can save 35% – 70% off your camping supplies every day at Sierra Trading.
  • There is a smaller selection of items for your camping gear checklist here, but you’ll find some of the best brand names around in camping equipment, sporting goods, and hiking boots.
  • To enjoy deep discounts for high quality camping equipment means you’ll be smiling when you see those great deals on camping supplies being delivered to your front door.

Please note that while REI and Camping World are not on this specific list of camping stores online with discount camping equipment, they do both have some great deals on their camping online stores and lots of discounts and sales on camping gear.  In fact, I have listed those two companies among my list of of the 6 best camping stores for camping gear overall.

See my earlier post for all 6 top rated camping stores overall and for more info on how you can save on their discount camping gear and supplies.

Where to Get the Best Prices on Discount Tents When Going Family Tent Camping

When you’re planning some good old family tent camping and need a new family camping tent, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of places to find discount tents for sale.

Finding discount tents for family tent camping is worth the time and effort!

One of the best places to find a great discount tent is Amazon.  Under the category of “Sports and Outdoors”,  Amazon has loads of tents at great prices.  From 4 person to 10 person tents and everything in between, families can find the camping gear that is just right for them and their budget.  Make sure you use the search categories on the site if you want to hone in on just what you’re looking for or to find specific deals or discounts on camping equipment.  You can even read reviews of the gear, find specific sellers, or look for well known brands.

Overstock dot com is another great place to find deals on family camping gear.  Like Amazon, Overstock has an area where you can check to look for specific prices, brands, or capacity.  Prices on tents are generally discounted.  The selection is probably not quite as large as on Amazon, but they have a lot of different kinds of tents that may inspire you or allow you to see something different which you like and which you may not have known about otherwise.

Overstock also has a nice list of camping articles for you where you can learn how to choose a tent, find a tent buying guide, discover the best Coleman tent for your camping trip, or read reviews of all the tents on sale.

A Bass Pro Shop sale, whether in store or online, is another place to find a discount tent that will suit your family’s needs well but at a good cost.  You can find out what sales are going on at Bass Pro Shop locations or check their tent sales out online at their website.

Cabela is another outdoor gear store where you can find great family tents at great prices with just a little additional work.  Look for Cabela coupon codes in Sunday ads and circulars, or check out the weekly specials and rock bottom deals online.   You may also want to check out a section of their website called “Cabelas Bargain Cave” for other discount camping gear for all your other family discount tent camping gear as well.

In addition to the above places, you can find some wonderful websites which specialize in discount camping gear online and which have great family tents at reduced prices.

Finding a discount tent for your next family camping trip is not only easy to do but can be fun as well, and when you’re getting ready for a family vacation, finding good gear at good prices can make that family time together even more enjoyable when that vacation time actually comes.