The Ultimate Camping Gear for Kids – What You’ll Want to Have Around

Going family tent camping is always fun, and it’s always an adventure, but you’ll want to make sure you have the right camping gear for kids around if you want to make the most of this special kind of family vacation.  Not having the basic camping gear for kids can make your adventure less enjoyable.  Having the most appropriate outdoor camping gear for kids can add to both the fun and excitement of your time together.

Check our camping gear for kids checklist here to make sure you have just the right things that make your family camping trip all you could hope it to be and more.

Having the right camping gear for kids is easy to do, and with a little planning and maybe a few purchases, you’ll find yourself enjoying your summer family vacation even more than you thought you would!


Our Ultimate Camping Gear for Kids List

A large family tent tops our list of camping supplies needed for family camping.

When you’re going to be sleeping under the stars with children, whether they are babies, toddlers, or even young adults, you’ll want to make sure you have a family tent that provides not only the space you need to sleep but additional space for belongings and other family camping gear.  Oh, and just for the record, those belongings you need to have some space for includes some extra pillows, stuffed animals, toys, and games.  Now you may not need TONS of space, but just don’t forget that if you want your children to feel comfortable, they’ll need to have some comfortable items from home or maybe a new item or two to enjoy their new sleeping accommodations for the next few days.

I can’t say this enough.  A large family camping tent is one of the best purchases you can make for your outdoor family vacation.  If you’re on a budget, watch for sales at outdoor and sports stores or look for great buys on camping gear online.

Cool camping gear for kids comes second on our ultimate camping gear checklist.  Your children are having a special time with their family.  Why not make their supplies a little more special as well then?

From camping chairs for kids to kids sleeping bags, from Coleman collapsible tumblers to personalized laundry bags, each item that adds to the excitement of your child’s camping trip will make your time together that much special.

A survival whistle can not only be a cool camping accessory, it can also save lives if your child gets a little too far away from the campsite.  A wrist watch compass is not only cool looking but is great for teaching outdoor skills.  A cool flashlight will make the night times more fun than scary.  A battery run pocket fan will make your kids literally feel cool themselves!

Fun camping gear for kids should be on your checklist as well.  Find ideas for camping games for children online and bring along what you need for some outdoor fun.  Indoor board games with few pieces or books to read can help inside a tent if it’s raining outside.  A special diary or notebook can keep kids busy and help them remember their special family outing.  A Frisbee, kite, or even some outdoor games to play can be purchased at the store and packed with your camping equipment.

You’ll also want to make sure you have a good list of clothes to take camping as well as a list of all the grooming and personal items including medicine your children will need on their camping trip.  Bring swimming suits, towels, and a camping laundry line or folding laundry rack to dry their swimwear for their next romp in the lake or pool too!

Making a camping gear checklist well in advance will help guarantee you have the basic camping gear for a short family break as well as all the other kids camping gear you need to enjoy your family’s camping vacation, no matter how long or short it is.

Family Tent Reviews of The Coleman Bayside 8-person Family Tent

It’s plenty orange, and it’s pretty large, and all in all, it’s pretty worth looking at if you’re in the market for a new family tent for your next family tent camping adventure.

Coleman camping gear has always been known for its quality and longevity, and the Coleman Bayside 8-person family tent is no exception.  From its spaciousness to its protection, this is one of the best camping tents around for a family.

The Coleman Bayside 8-person Family Tent: A Large Family Tent For Your Next Family Camping Trip

So what makes this tent better than others?  Here’s a synopsis of family tent reviews that will help you understand why it’s worth looking at this family tent made for family fun.

The Coleman Bayside 8-person family tent is large, very large.

With two separate rooms, plenty of head space, a separate little closet, and sewn-in organizing pockets throughout, you won’t see complaints about roominess with this family tent.  This is a big family tent.  However, as in any tent, if you are bringing your suitcases and personal items inside with you, which many people do, you might want to look at this large tent as a tent for a large family with lots of things but not necessarily pack it full with 8 people.   Additionally, the circular shape of this tent does seem to trim a little extra elbow space off, at least psychologically, for many who have supplied personal reviews of this item.  Other than that, it’s big, people.

Coleman camping tents are also known for their quality construction and durability, and here again, this Coleman family tent is no exception.

With quality stitching and joints, no ground seams, a covered entrance, and a rainfly for added weatherproofing, this is one of those outdoor shelters made for rainy weather.  You can hardly find a complaint among the words of those who have purchased this item about the protection you’ll have with this particular tent.

Of course you’ll still want to weatherproof the seams with seam sealant before you go camping, and due to it’s large size, you’ll definitely need to have at least two bottles or tubes of some sort of sealer.  However, once you put the effort into that routine task, if you’re like every other purchaser who has ever purchased this tent and did that same routine task, you should never have to worry about any leaks, even in the worst of rain showers.

This family camping tent has a few extras as well which will make your stay a little nicer too, regardless of whether you’re on a short family break or a longer family vacation.  The Coleman Bayside tent has a swinging front door (a hinged door instead of a simple zippered one), color coded poles for quick and easy 2-person set up, and extremely economical price makes this a keeper for any family wanting to enjoy themselves.  It might just be the best family tent around if you want the little extra conveniences that come with this tent along with a cost that is as good as discount tents from other manufacturers.

Of course, there are many other tents for families that might be even better for you, and many have their own bragging rights just as this one has its own.  However, if you’re in the market for camping equipment and your family tent camping checklist includes the purchase of a large family tent, the Coleman Bayside 8-person tent is one item you might want to consider.

Where to Get the Best Prices on Discount Tents When Going Family Tent Camping

When you’re planning some good old family tent camping and need a new family camping tent, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of places to find discount tents for sale.

Finding discount tents for family tent camping is worth the time and effort!

One of the best places to find a great discount tent is Amazon.  Under the category of “Sports and Outdoors”,  Amazon has loads of tents at great prices.  From 4 person to 10 person tents and everything in between, families can find the camping gear that is just right for them and their budget.  Make sure you use the search categories on the site if you want to hone in on just what you’re looking for or to find specific deals or discounts on camping equipment.  You can even read reviews of the gear, find specific sellers, or look for well known brands.

Overstock dot com is another great place to find deals on family camping gear.  Like Amazon, Overstock has an area where you can check to look for specific prices, brands, or capacity.  Prices on tents are generally discounted.  The selection is probably not quite as large as on Amazon, but they have a lot of different kinds of tents that may inspire you or allow you to see something different which you like and which you may not have known about otherwise.

Overstock also has a nice list of camping articles for you where you can learn how to choose a tent, find a tent buying guide, discover the best Coleman tent for your camping trip, or read reviews of all the tents on sale.

A Bass Pro Shop sale, whether in store or online, is another place to find a discount tent that will suit your family’s needs well but at a good cost.  You can find out what sales are going on at Bass Pro Shop locations or check their tent sales out online at their website.

Cabela is another outdoor gear store where you can find great family tents at great prices with just a little additional work.  Look for Cabela coupon codes in Sunday ads and circulars, or check out the weekly specials and rock bottom deals online.   You may also want to check out a section of their website called “Cabelas Bargain Cave” for other discount camping gear for all your other family discount tent camping gear as well.

In addition to the above places, you can find some wonderful websites which specialize in discount camping gear online and which have great family tents at reduced prices.

Finding a discount tent for your next family camping trip is not only easy to do but can be fun as well, and when you’re getting ready for a family vacation, finding good gear at good prices can make that family time together even more enjoyable when that vacation time actually comes.

Family Tent Camping | Check Your Tent Camping Gear List

I’m itching to go camping!  Are you?

If you’re in the process of planning a weekend family break, looking for something fun to do, or just have a plain old hankering to do some family tent camping, you’ll need to check your garage and verify you have all the camping equipment you’ll need.  I know I need to do that.  It’s been like five years since we’ve gone camping, and well…  I’m just wondering what’s even out there in my garage!

So let’s just think for a quick moment, before you go digging through your camping gear… What will you want to make sure you have?

What camping gear will you need for your next family tent camping trip?

Check our family camping list of items here and see if you have what you’ll need for your next tent camping trip.  You might even think of a few more things in the process too!

You’ll need:

  1. Your family camping tent
  2. A canopy tent or screened canopy for bug free dining (optional, but highly recommended)
  3. Camping supplies to include items such as sleeping bags, air mattresses or pads if desired, a camping potty if you’re going somewhere without a restroom close by or just aren’t sure about it, biodegradable toilet paper (oh no, DON’T forget this important but commonly overlooked item, lol), and a lantern, a flashlight or two, and some camping insect repellent like citronella candles, mosquito coils, bug spray, fly paper or fly traps.
  4. Other camping gear you’ll want to make sure you have includes your outdoor picnic items such as a grill (if not provided on site), grilling utensils, a thermos or lemonade jug, a folding table if you’re not using picnic tables onsite, chairs, a cooler and picnic basket to fill to the rim, and charcoal and lighter too if you’ll need that for your grill.  (Always take new charcoal on a family camping trip so you’re not stuck without fuel to cook when you’re having too much fun to run to the store for new charcoal that still lights.)  Something small to remember too is a book of matches.  Don’t forget the matches!  Even if you take a gas grill, you might enjoy making a pit fire at some point.
  5. You’ll also want to check to make sure you have some outdoor gear to see if you have some lawn games, hiking gear or fishing gear, a battery powered radio, a Coleman coffeemaker, and camping chairs (with some sticks and marshmallows too, of course).  If you ask me, a Coleman camp coffeemaker and some s’mores sounds like a pretty nice combination after some mini golf games and lake swimming!  Even small items like binoculars to watch birds or Frisbees for a quick frisbee game can make a family camping trip much more enjoyable and memorable.
  6. Your tent camping supplies list isn’t complete without a little thought as to making sure you have all the parts you need for your camping gear.  Do you have stakes and a hammer for your tent?  If you have a waterproof tent or if you want to weatherproof your family tent (which you should), do you have seam sealer spray or seamgrip?  Will you want to take along a water hose to use at your campsite should you have water on your specific site.  You might also want to bring a small shovel or digging tool to dig a little trench around your tent when you’re putting it up, and of course, a pocket knife might come in handy for all kinds of outdoor things.  And don’t forget a first aid kit for those ouchies.

Family camping is always a great summer family activity; it’s a great way to have a fun and memorable family vacation, and when it comes to cheap family breaks, you can’t beat family tent camping.

You’ll just want to make sure you have all the camping supplies, picnic supplies, and outdoor gear before you’re there so you can totally enjoy your camping vacation time together.