10 Cheap Weekend Getaways for Couples That Even You Can Do

Cheap Weekend Getaways

You can plan a couples getaway that is luxurious and elaborate.  However, there are plenty of cheap weekend getaways for couples that are just perfect for most married folk.  By taking advantage of these inexpensive weekend getaway ideas, you can give you and your spouse some enjoyable couples time without the kids and without breaking the kids’ piggy bank.

1.  Take a scenic drive.

Whether you’re driving through the colorful fall foliage on Skyline Drive in Virginia, just driving somewhere to get away from NYC, or meandering through the rugged terrain of New Mexico, beautiful scenery always provides a backdrop for a nice time together with someone.  This is particularly a favorite retreat for my husband and me as it’s one of the cheapest and most flexible of activities, and it gives us a chance to talk at length or just stop talking and enjoy the beauty of the earth.  It’s amazing how refreshed one can feel after taking the time to smell the roses God has placed on this earth.

2.  Go to the ocean or a lake.

The beach provides an invigorating atmosphere you can’t find any place else.  Jumping the waves, looking for sea shells together, even relaxing in the sun all become opportunities to enjoy time together and relieve some built up stress from the daily grind at home.

3.  Attend a free local concert.

If you are unaware of free concerts in your neck of the woods, you can easily discover them with just a simple internet search for “free concerts in (and add the name of a nearby big town or city… and state of course).   Many outdoor concerts will not have outdoor seating provided, so you may want to have a couple of fold up chairs or a blanket to throw on the ground.  Check before you go to make sure whether or not you can take your own food and drink.  Many times you can which can make it an even cheaper activity to do.

4.  Go to a craft fair.

There are craft fairs and bazaars held at all times of the year and both indoors and outdoors, so finding an event close enough to go to on a weekend is easy to do.  Websites like festivalnet.com or eventlister.com provide search tools to find craft fairs close to home and across the country, so there’s always some fun fairs to check out wherever you live or wherever you want to go.

Cheap Weekend Getaways

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5.  Do a walking tour of a historical area or downtown region.

I have discovered “old towns” as many call them are best suited to day time visits if you enjoy browsing the historical small shops whereas the “downtown” sections of larger cities offer many romantic restaurants, upscale lunch places, and coffee shops, many of which you can enjoy after dark.  Enjoying a pizza on the square or walking through the light-wrapped trees of a vibrant downtown cultural area at night are what cheap romantic weekend getaways for couples are made of.

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6.  Spend a day (or two) at a local festival.

In our area, the Denton Jazz Festival is king, but I’ve also got my sights set on a Victorian Christmas Festival here in the area as well (free carriage rides, yes), and my husband has his hopes on the West Fest nearby.   My hometown has a wonderful Italian Festival every year.  A place where we used to live has a Pear Blossom Festival each spring.  Do an internet search including your state’s name followed by the word “festivals”, and you’ll get a great list of a variety of festivals and fairs.  You can also be specific and look for something like summer music festivals, fall festivals, film festivals, or wine festivals, and see if you can even add the name of your local city or town if not just your state to see what is happening close enough for a cheap weekend getaway for the two of you.

7.  Go see a minor league sports team or local college team play – and tailgate to boot.

Many people overlook sports events when they are looking for a cheap weekend getaway for couples, but these can be quite fun places to be and can be very reasonably priced if you steer past the higher-level national teams and venues.   Tailgating in the parking lot, or even in a nearby park before the game begins, can be fun to do as well with the additional benefit of saving money by grilling your own food items or munching on finger food, summer salads, and sparkling apple cider out of your picnic basket.

8.  Go see a play or musical theater production, or attend a concert, lecture, art show, or recital at a local college or university.

Schools make cheap couples weekend getaways not only because they provide inexpensive concerts and performances but also because there are usually numerous low costs restaurants near these universities in which to add to your savings when eating out beforehand or afterwards.

Cheap Couples Weekend

Remember college events and presentations when you’re looking for something cheap to do!
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9.  Book a hotel room or one day cruise when you can. 

This may seem like a little bit more expensive to do, but there are ways to book a hotel room cheaply, and short cruises from one hour to one day are sometimes available at very low costs.  If you book your room at the last minute or well in advance, you can sometimes get a lower cost.  Travel sites like Priceline and Kayak offer cheap hotel rooms, especially if you take the time to compare sites and prices and are not set on one particular hotel or hotel chain.   Call a local hotel or resort at the last minute to inquire about any available rooms THAT NIGHT and what the rates are at that time.  For high level savings, get acquainted with something called “sell off vacations” or last minute travel deals which are basically a sale of vacations or packages when a hotel or cruise line has not sold a room or vacation package and it’s late enough they just want to dump what they have.  You might even find some last minute all inclusive cheap weekend getaway packages for couples with deals good enough to at least consider.  Add to any savings then by taking advantage of free or included food or continental breakfasts when offered and by taking your own snacks, sodas, and even lunch and dinner foods.  Yes, you can take food and snacks to a hotel.  I’ve even taken completely cooked casseroles to hotels with kitchens or even just microwaves and have saved a bundle doing so.  Research and discover what people do on short mini vacations and cheap dates and how they save money with great travel deals, restaurant discount coupons, and just plain old ways to keep more pennies in the pocket instead of throwing them out to everyone else, and you up your chances of getting to add some cheap cruises and hotel packages to your list of possibilities.

10.  When your schedule permits, go anywhere on any weekend break at a time other than Friday night through Sunday.

Whey not START your break on Sunday afternoon or go mid week?  Sunday nights are usually one of the best nights to find a cheap hotel room in a city followed by mid week days in smaller, non-business-oriented towns and suburbs.  Many attractions and amusement parks offer discount prices mid week.  Tuesday is usually the cheapest day to buy gas with early Wednesday morning being even better if you go before the prices start to rise and gas begins to swell from the heat of the day.  If you are purchasing food from a grocery store, you’ll usually find the cheapest grocery prices on Sunday night.  Boy, it sounds like the chance to find cheap weekend getaways for couples are greatly increased Sunday night through Wednesday morning!  Whenever it works with your schedules at home, any variation at all from the traditional Friday to Saturday routine will probably help.

For bonus savings, go to a tourist area or tourist attraction OFF SEASON!

If you’re trying to keep your costs down so you can relax, have fun, and enjoy each others company at a price you can deal with, whatever tool, resource, or cheap vacation ideas you can take advantage of will bring you that much closer to inexpensive but still great weekend getaways for couples cheap!

After all, love is free, or so they say.  Couldn’t the best weekend getaways for couples be free too, or at least as close as possible to that?

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Can Weekend Getaways for Couples Help Me Save My Marriage?

weekend getaways for couples

According to the results of a recent study by Bowling Green State University, the divorce rate of baby boomers has doubled in the past 20 years.

Another study from the Office for National Statistics in England about the same time indicated that both young and old couples now spend less time on building their marriage relationship than ever before.   Marriages are disintegrating at all levels now.

Can something as small as a couples getaway weekend even make a dent in saving a marriage that is on the rocks or headed that way in the future?

Indicators point to the answer yes, and here’s how.

How Weekend Getaways for Couples Can Help Save a Marriage

  • Getting away from the never ending emergencies, decisions, and frustrations in a couple’s daily lives gives them the time and opportunity to focus on and talk about any possible problems in the marriage.
  • Without daily interruptions and without daily pressures, couples are more likely able to focus on the actual marriage relationship and exhibit clearer thinking about what is going well and where the relationship is having any problems.
  • The change of pace a couples getaway vacation brings provides a higher emotional level which can help when determining each individual’s outlook for the future.
  • Any marriage and family counselor will tell you that when an individual takes his or her first step in the process of making life better, the process of healing doesn’t seem so far away after all.  That insight alone can help a married couple be more productive in making their marriage a better one, regardless of how much, or little, work is ahead.

With the understanding that a married couples retreat provides a cleared schedule, a clearer mind, a more positive venue, and a more positive outlook, it’s more understandable how even a short time away in a couple’s life can be helpful in saving a marriage.

weekend getaways for couples

There can always be something special there.
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What things can a couple do to get the most help for their marriage from weekend getaways?

1.  Plan several small weekend getaways throughout the year as opposed to one big vacation.

The greater number of getaways provides a greater number of positive experiences to enjoy together as a couple, to remember good times, and to look forward to more good times together in the future.

Short breaks are also probably more realistic both time wise and as far as costs go than one big vacation would be.

2.  Keep the plans simple but enjoyable.

You need time to enjoy each others company, and you want to have some fun together.  You also need time to communicate and share.  This is where your “together” dreams will start again!

3.  Pray for both yourself and your spouse before you actually leave on your trip together.

Welcome God into your marriage.  Let Him know you honor His same priority when it comes to being man and wife, and ask that He be a part of your lives, every day and in every way, and especially in your work to keep your marriage healthy, strong, happy, and if you’re to this point, even just together.

4.  Couples that have committed to reading a book on marriage, family, or other shared life issue find weekend getaways a great time to discuss what they have read and how it affects their lives as a married couple.

I would highly recommend this as it provides a direction to go if communication has been a little weak for some reason and also for the opportunity this kind of activity provides for the couple to discuss issues based on this combined information and to literally write down actions or steps they feel might be helpful for their relationship or life together.

Check what marriage and family books are available from a Christian bookstore, talk with a pastor or Christian friend to get a recommendation on good book reads, or research and order an interesting book when you first start planning your next getaway, and have one copy for each person so you’re not as tempted to talk about it when you are still home in the midst of kids and schedules and work.

Get two copies of the book, read them individually, and make plans to have a good discussion while you are away from everything that would distract you from a good conversation.

5.  The most important way to handle the time away as a husband and wife is to plan your getaway in a way that best suits the personalities of both individuals.

This should be a good time for both parties to come together as a couple and enjoy that experience and some time together, not merely an act of quick improvement in a relationship or an evaluation of progress.

A word of note:  If you or your spouse feel you just can’t take the time or set aside the money to go away , please reconsider and do what you have to do to experience this time away as a couple.

As far as making a getaway more affordable, a room at a local hotel or looking for online sites that list cheap last minute weekend getaways for couples or inexpensive weekend getaways for couples can help with costs sometimes.  As far as making the time, it’s just a basic principle – You both NEED to take the time.

Weekend getaways for couples can be a very important part of saving a marriage, and that time together can accomplish good things in a relationship.  Both saving a marriage that has had difficulties and protecting a marriage that has been so far good are worthy actions and well worth the time, the cost, and the effort.

Ten Timeless Weekend Getaways for Couples

weekend getaways for couples

Want to spend some time with your spouse so you can smile a little together, get to know each other again, maybe even grow to love each other all over again, or maybe just have a little fun time together without the kids in tow?

Sure you do!

Weekend getaways for couples are very important and sometimes necessary to keep those fires going in a marriage relationship and to keep you growing as a married couple.  Sometimes you just need to have some time together as a married couple again.  Romantic weekend getaways could be exactly what you need right now to keep your romance fresh and strong!

Finding a great weekend getaway for you and your spouse, and doing something to help you remember what made you love your spouse so much to begin with (and vice versa) is certainly honorable, helpful, and worth the investment of your time and effort.

They are quite frankly a good thing for moms and dads to do sometimes.

Are some getaways going to be better than others?  Sure there are different kinds of getaways for couples, and some may be more or less expensive than others, but the best time you can have together is the time where you can simply enjoy each other the most of all.

Below are some great weekend getaways for couples that can be done most any time of the year and for any couple regardless of how long or how short a time they have been married.  Timeless and unchanging in some very foundational ways, these special moments together can help make a marriage last forever.

Weekend Getaways for Couples

Timeless marriage. Timeless love. Spend some time together!
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Ten Timeless Weekend Getaways For Couples

1.  Reserve an all inclusive honeymoon package at a luxury hotel.

Who says honeymoon packages are just for honeymoon couples?  If you want to experience each others depth of love and remember that physical attraction which brought you two together in the first place, honeymoon packages can be just the right romantic getaway for you.

2.  Make weekend reservations at a bed and breakfast in a historical town or community.

A nice bed and breakfast surrounded by nature’s beauty and beautiful sunsets always bring a peaceful feeling to an otherwise stressful lifestyle.  A romantic bed and breakfast in a small historical town can be just the right combination of romance, fun, and relaxation.

3.  Spend the weekend at an oceanside hotel or beach resort.

The ocean is always a relaxing place to be, with or without the kids.  You’ll be surprised though to experience just how relaxing staying at a hotel on the beach can be when it’s just you and your spouse.  A walk on the beach, a chat on the balcony, even the sounds of the waves at night time can all add up to intimacy and partnership all over again.

4.  Reserve a room in a mountain resort area.

A mountain ski resort can be nice in the winter (doesn’t snow and cold weather always seem a little romantic???), or you can reserve some weekend time away any time of the year in a mountain resort area such as The Poconos Resorts in Pennsylvania, a resort hotel in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, or a lodge in Durango, Colorado.

5.  As an alternative to staying at a resort in the mountains, book a cabin in the mountains for just the two of you.

Sit out on the porch at night and talk about dreams and aspirations, or just listen to the crickets and hold hands as you sit on your porch swing at night.  If you get adventuresome, pull your blankets out to the porch and sleep outside, or do whatever else you want to do there even, so long as the neighbors don’t see.

6.  Reserve a cabin at a state park in your neck of the woods.

A nice thing about this option is that state parks are generally fairly accessible, and state parks are usually very pretty.  They are there to showcase the beauty of the state they represent.  Rentals at state parks are generally very reasonably priced as well which makes state parks cheap, inexpensive weekend getaways for couples.

If the state park is in the mountains or by a lake, you’ve got the additional makings for a nice weekend get away.  If there are kayak rentals, hiking trails, biking trails, or lake swimming there, you’ve got nearby fun that won’t cost a lot to enjoy.

7.  Book a weekend cruise.

Weekend cruises offer the same accommodations and excitement as longer cruises and offer the same exquisite entertainment opportunities such as dinner and dancing, shows and casinos, and swimming and spas.  Some of the long weekend cruises even offer much of the same extras you might find on a longer trip such as scuba diving, dolphin feeding, and shore excursions.

Weekend cruises for couples provide time to relax, have some fun as just a couple again, and maybe even enjoy some activities you wouldn’t otherwise be able to participate in with children close to keep track of.

8.  Board a weekend dinner cruise.

Dinner cruises from harbors in cities across the country offer lunch, dinner, and even midnight cruises where your dining experience can be sophisticated and the views magnificent.  Enjoying a harbor area is always refreshing and calming to the soul.  Fitting a harbor cruise around some other fun event or activity in the area can provide an enjoyable weekend time together as a married couple.

9.  Enjoy a weekend festival, concert, sports event, or production in your community, in another metropolitan area close to you, or at a college or university nearby.

A jazz festival, art exhibit, or musical theater production can provide opportunities to enjoy a mutual interest in the arts.  A food and wine festival might be considered when otherwise it wouldn’t.  Even concerts, recitals, sports events, and lectures at a local university can be part of a weekend getaway for a couple.

10.  Reserve a suite in a nice hotel close by or even in your very own town, order some pizza, watch movies on your computer all night long (well, not ALL night long), and just enjoy the area and your time together as a couple.

Plan a daytime schedule which allows you to do those close by things you both would enjoy doing but don’t always have much a chance to with your busy schedules, like browsing some local used bookstores, going to a historical landmark, or having a leisurely lunch at a museum cafe or antique shop restaurant.

The best weekend getaways for couples are those were you can feel relaxed together and remember how much you mean to each other!

These weekend getaways for couples are those same getaways couples have done for eternity and will probably continue to  do for eternity because they work.  Enjoy your time together, and you’ll enjoy your lives together even more.

To discover other weekend getaways, mini vacation ideas for families and couples, and how to find some amazing short family breaks and vacations, please feel free to browse the list of related posts below or in the family travel category of the Padoozles website.