Sweet Grandma Gifts I Found On Twitter

Grandma and Liam

Sweet Grandma Gifts I Found On Twitter

If you have a sweet grandmother, these sweet gifts for her may be right up your aisle! These gifts for grandma were posted on Twitter, but I’m sharing here! Read on!  


I can speak of gifts Grandmothers like since I AM one… a Grandma, not a gift, that is!  🙂

(Yea. Yea.  I did that on purpose, you know.  hehe)

Now you may need to ask my kids and grandkids if I’m one of those “sweet grandmas”.  I hope I am though.

The cool thing about life, however, is that grandchildren love their grandmothers, no matter the age difference, travel distance, or occasional imperfect, sweet Granny.   Grandchildren just love their Grandmas!

And grandmothers love their grandchildren back!


#love Grandma and Liam

I think grandmothers are perhaps one of those staples in life that makes sense of who we are as we grow up and then how we fit into our own world as life continues, even long afterwards.   

It seems likely then, with such sweet and precious love floating about, that children enjoy buying their grandmas sweet gifts.

I found a few of those on Twitter this morning, yes… surprisingly on Twitter… and thought I would just share a few of those with you here.  

You’ll get to see the folk that posted these gifts ideas on Twitter, (I want to give them credit, of course), but you won’t need a Twitter account to see them here.    

Now some of the Twitter posters may be posting these gifts as great Grandma gifts while others may be simply posting gift ideas in general, or even just purchases in general, of which I saw the connection as a Grandma and thought would be a good gift idea.  

Either way, here they are.

Grandma Gift Ideas From Twitter

Chef Kids Wall Photo

Posted by PinkPoster @ThePinkPoster 

Do you have a grandmother around who likes to bake or who took your child (their grandchild) under her wings for a while to do some cooking projects with your child?  Then this Chef Kids Wall Photo idea by PinkPoster @ThePinkPoster might be an idea you like. 

@ThePinkPoster has other cute ideas like this as well, but this one just struck my fancy for some reason.  

I wonder why…..  🙂 

Cooking with the Grandkids


Surprise “Hi Grandma” Coffee Cup

Posted by Mommy’s Coffee @Mommyscoffeee 

Wow… this is one great grandma gift for a coffee drinker grandma… or a tea aficionado.  It’s even a great gift for a NEW grandma.  Consider this too…. What a nice gift for a grandma to be!  In THAT event, and Grandma doesn’t know yet she is going to be a grandma, make sure you give it to her already filled with her favorite hot drink (or even bagged beverage mix or tea bags tucked inside). 

Can you imagine her surprise when she takes that last drink of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?


The Hi Grandma coffee cup plus many more mommy, daddy, and family coffee cup gifts… AND unique birth announcements… can also be found at the MommysCoffee Shop on Etsy at:  https://www.etsy.com/listing/519812665/grandma-gift-grandma-gifts-for-grandma  


Grandma Bracelet

Posted by VickysLittleSecrets @Vickys228

For the grandmother who likes jewelry, you might like to buy a grandma bracelet something like this one.   


Now of course, consider first if Grandma has a favorite stone or color (gold, silver, etc) before purchasing jewelry.  However, pearls are precious stones and often associated with wisdom.  Plus pearls are beautiful in every way, timeless, classic, and enduring.  

Doesn’t that all kind of fit the definition of “Grandmother”?  

If you don’t have a special order for Grandma, the traditional beauty of a pearl bracelet can’t be beat.  

To see more of Vicky’s jewelry line, you can see her VickysLittleSecrets Etsy Store here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Vickyslittlesecrets


A Book About Love

Posted by Chris Stevens @Padoozles 

All right.  All right.  I’ll admit I JU—ST now put this on Twitter, but I JU—ST now happen to notice it and wanted to pass it on to you all here too.  All my ideas here had to be from Twitter though…right???…  so I kind of cheated and posted it there on Twitter first.  🙂 

Well, consider this… 

A book showing love for grandma, especially a book grandma and grandchilden can read together, can be one of the nicest gifts a grandchild could possible give to a grandmother.  


A book, appropriate to a child’s age, can be something grandmothers share with their grandchildren – a gift of time, sometimes laughing, sometimes tears, and always love shared.  

You can also find “I Love You, Grandma”, plus other childrens’ books for grandparents, here:  http://amzn.to/2nxT4tR

All these great grandma gifts are gift ideas you can either purchase or create in your own special way.  The idea is to celebrate the special love of a grandma for her grandchild – or the special love of a grandchild for his or her grandma.  It goes both ways, and that’s what makes life so nice.  

Edible Gifts You Can Bake in a Jar – Great Food Gifts to Make

Edible Gifts
Edible Gifts

Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Edible food gifts are always a hit.  Whether you’re looking for some edible Christmas gifts, edible birthday gifts, or food gifts to make for any holiday or occasion, these recipes for gift giving are sure to please.

These aren’t just edible gifts to make either.  These are homemade edible gifts you have put together (easily) and baked (quickly) and given to someone to enjoy immediately (if desired) or a little later (if preferred). » Read more

What Are Good Christmas Gifts for Grandma?

Christmas Gifts for Grandma

Christmas Gifts for GrandmaThere’s a quote out there that says “Grandmas hold our tiny hands for just a little while, but they hold our hearts forever”.

From all I can tell, no author has ever been attributed to that quote, but whoever wrote it must have experienced the love that a grandchild and grandmother have for each other.  There’s nothing like the love one has for a grandparent, and that’s true whether that grandchild is 5 years old or 55.  Our grandmothers are special to us all.

With such a special bond and affection, you might think the Christmas gifts for her need to be just as special.

Truth be told, real Grandma’s will love whatever they get.

Still, you can find a great Christmas gift for her that will add to her holidays and remind her just how much she still means to the family.

Here are a few Christmas gift ideas for her that will help you find that perfect gift she will love, cherish, and enjoy.

Great Christmas Gifts for Grandma

Homemade Gifts for Grandma

It doesn’t matter if you are an adult, student, preschooler, or baby and parent, a grandmother is going to love something you have spent the time to make just for her.

Even if you aren’t very crafty, there are some easy homemade Christmas gifts to make on your own.

Homemade food gifts like Christmas cookies, Christmas candy recipes, gifts in a jar mixes, and holiday breads are all easy to make and can be packaged with or without a crafty adornment.

Plant gifts for Grandma are easy to assemble as well.  Re-pot an indoor plant, add a pretty bow to a Christmas poinsettia, or create an hanging herbal basket, and you’ve created an easy and inexpensive gift that shows love during the holidays and beyond while keeping costs and expertise needed to a minimum.

You can also find many easy craft gift kits and projects online or right in craft stores for gift givers of all ages.  While you can find quick and easy craft kits for kids, you can find some simple craft projects for teens and adults too.  Kids aren’t the only ones who can have fun with craft projects!

Gift Baskets for Grandma

The best gift basket for Grandma is one that will take her likes into account while not forgetting her needs.  However, even though you ARE remembering her needs, make sure any Christmas gift baskets for her will be something special.  No matter how practical and helpful for Granny, no one will get a real blast from receiving a basket full of fiber bars  and hemorrhoidal ointment.

Let Grandma have some fun with her holiday gift basket!

If Gran is a coffee lover, coffee gift baskets are always appreciatead.

Most older women seem to love chocolate and sweets, so cookie gift baskets and chocolate gift baskets could be great choices for her.

Cheese gifts baskets are nice gift ideas for an older woman as well.

Even hobbies can come into play when giving a gift basket for Grandma.

Gifts for gardeners can be purchased separately and organized in a wicker basket, fruit basket, or cardboard box covered with country or farm-like decorative self-adhesive contact paper.

Personalized gifts can be placed in a monogrammed bag.

Spa gifts can be placed beside a spa gift card inside a new gym bag.

There are many different themed gift baskets you can create yourself or order online, and with just an open eye, you can even find gift baskets with free shipping and delivery.

Just remember to keep Gran’s personality and likes in mind when you make or order a holiday gift basket for her!

Unique Gifts for Grandma

Each grandmother is unique, so why not consider some unique presents for Grandma?

If she lives close,  a season’s pass to a nearby theme park where grandchildren can also go is a great gift that shows Grandma her presence in the family is still an enjoyable event.  Make sure you meet her at, or take her to, the park a few times in that summer season then!

If your Christmas gift giving budget allows, consider purchasing some cruise tickets for Grandma and Grandpa to go on a cruise together.   That kind of lets Grandma know you think she and Grandpa are still the hottest couple around in your book!  That’s actually a pretty cool feeling for a Grandmother whether she’ll let you know that or not!

Brightly colored, lighthearted, and fanciful home decor is also a nice gift idea for the holidays.  Wind socks, chimes, pillows, and garden gnomes can make a Grandmother smile, even on those harder days.

You might also consider some funny home decorations if Grandma has a sense of humor.  Sometimes those  funny signs and funny decor items are things she would like to have had but just never purchased because she was busy purchasing things for everyone else in the family.

At the very least, when you get a silly gift for Grandma, you may see her blush a little and smile for the moment, and that alone would be a precious gift for everyone.

Just as there are many great Grandmothers in this world, gifts for a great Grandma are there to be found as well.  With a little thought and a whole lot of love, this holiday season should be a good one for everyone involved.

Many blessings to your entire family this Christmas season!


How to Save Money for Christmas Gifts Even on a Tight Budget

Let’s say you want to save money for Christmas shopping but your family budget is already pretty tight.  Still, you have kids to buy for, gifts for Grandma and Grandpa to purchase, a family or service member you want to help during the holidays, and not much, if anything, in the bank.

Basically, you know you need to find a way to save money for Christmas, and you just don’t know where you can get money to save.

Even if you just have 6 -8 weeks left until the holidays, there are ways to save money that can put a substantial amount in your Christmas savings account for gifts, no matter how tight your finances might be.


How to Save Money for Christmas Gifts

Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

How to Save Money for Christmas Gifts

1.  Find a special but safe place for your dollars and change.

If your family bank account will work for you, use that, but keep a balance sheet of the money you put into the account for gifts.

Better yet, start a second account you can keep going after the holidays to add funds to for gift giving, holidays, or just extra family expenses as you determine you want to do after the new year.

Perhaps the best way to save money on such a short term basis is to find a large, glass jar (or other such container) where you can place savings into and in which you feel would be secure.  Make it a container with a large opening which permits you to easily put your saved dollars and coins into and which you can easily see progress.

Also, to make full use of this way to save, pull out some cash from your bank account and have cash on hand to go into the savings jar.  Until it is put there, keep it in your wallet for use as routinely needed.  When you know it can be used on a purchase you might not really, really need or saved for Christmas gifts, you’ll be more likely to NOT want to use it and will find ways to not use it if at all possible.

2.  Sit down as a family and list ways you think you might be able to save money quickly and for only a short period of time.

Sometimes family members will give up something that seems important to them for a couple of months whereas they don’t feel they would want to give something up completely.  Even just a few dollars on something each week can add up to quite a bit, and if you can save just a few dollars on 10 different things each week, you’ll see amazing results you never thought possible.

Consider these tips for possible savings, thinking about where YOU  might have some wiggle room to save some bucks for 8 weeks:

Save $1.50 for each load of laundry you dry outside as opposed to drying the items in your clothes dryer.  Is this something you might be able to do even just ONE time a week?  That wouldn’t be so bad, would it, and you might like the fresh smell of your linen!  Remember, we are talking about just doing that for one load per week and for only 8 weeks.  $1.50 x 8 weeks = $12.00 saved.

Save $6.00 each week by cooking a thrifty meatless meal one time per week, saving on the purchase of meat.  $6.00 x 8 = $48.00.

Save $20.00 a month by downgrading to a lesser cable package (or to none at all) for 8 weeks.  That’s just 8 weeks there, guys… 2 months… at a savings of $20.00 per month.  $20.00 x 2 = $40.00.

Save $25.00 a week by substituting a low cost noodle or rice recipe with your weekly trip to McDonalds or Taco Bell.  Remember, it’s only for 8 weeks, and if your kids just can’t tolerate the loss completely, eat the low cost dinner at home and just go to McDonalds for an ice cream cone or a value drink from the value menu.  $25.00 week x 8 = $200.00.

Save $2.00 a week by limiting (if your family drinks a lot of) or eliminating (if your family doesn’t drink a lot of) bottled or canned soda purchases and substituting that amount for drinking water from the tap.  $2.00 x 8 = $16.00.

Have a game night at home in lieu of going to the movies for two times over a two month period.  $30.00 x 2 = $60.00 saved.

Get an extra gallon of gas basically free of charge by filling your tank early in the morning when the gas is denser (the thought is you would get more), or find other ways to save gas.  Estimated savings of $4.00 (per tank) x 8 times (if you fill it up one time per week) = $32.00 saved, (and yes, put that in your big saving jar!)

Save $10.00 a week using coupons, or making an effort to use more coupons than you have been doing.  $10.00 x 8 = $80.00.

Save $10.00 a week by researching local sales, planning meals around the sales, and purchasing loss leaders in the grocery stores.  $10.00 x 8 = $80.00.  (Disclosure, you can save a WHOLE lot more than this amount doing this, but this is assuming you’ve never done this before and will be learning, or that you have already been doing this and will have to learn to do it even better during your 8 week period.)

Save $10.00 a week by setting your thermostat at a higher (or lower) setting than you might otherwise set it at.  $10.00 x 8 = $80.00 saved in 8 weeks.

Total saved in 8 weeks – $648.00

Now there is a list of just 10 things which could be planned for just 8 weeks alone, and that list alone results in a total savings of $648.00 saved for gift giving!   Can you imagine how much more you could save in 8 weeks if you could think of 5 to 10 more areas of thriftiness, discipline, and savings!

You may have a different list of areas where your family could sacrifice or tune up on.

However, the purpose of this exercise here was to show you that even though small things may not seem big, they become big when multiplied by 10 (things) or 8 (weeks), etc.

So sit down with your spouse and children, and have a talk about what things you might be able to do, for even 8 weeks if need be, and start putting that dough into your cash jar!

3.  Agree to put some amount of cash away each week “just because”.

Even $5.00 a week put into savings equals $40.00 in 8 weeks.

Total NOW saved in 8 weeks = $688.00.

Take your active savings one step further by generating some funds one additional way now.

4.  Find one item you don’t need in your home anymore and sell it, (or have a yard sale), and add those proceeds to your Christmas savings account.

Even just a $30.00 sale will put your total savings over $700.00!

Grand total saved in just 2 months for Christmas presents = $718.00!

You may have already fine tuned your expenses so much that you can’t save quite that much.  OK then, sell a few more things, start a short term home business selling pumpkin rolls to your friends for their Thanksgiving dinner, or take on a seasonal job for a few weeks!

Perhaps you have the ability to save even more than this if you just could find and develop the discipline to do so.  Creating a specific period of time with a specific goal helps people develop the strength they need sometimes to begin or carry out a new good habit.

Then, when all is said and done, and you actually have some funds for Christmas, make the best use of your savings by finding great deals on Christmas gifts!

Whatever your situation, abilities or goals, you can save money for those holiday gifts and gift baskets you would like to give to those whom you love so much throughout the entire year.

Personalized Gifts for Grandma – Some Even Last Minute Gifts

Personalized Gifts for Grandma

Personalized gifts for Grandma are a great way to show this very special woman in your life how important she is to you.

Whether it’s her birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or just any day you want to let her know you’re appreciative of her in your life, these unique personalized gifts tell Grandma is someone special to you.

Even if it’s the day or so BEFORE her birthday, Mother’s Day, her anniversary, or some other special time for her, don’t fret!  There are still some specially made last minute gifts you can give to a very special NaNa.

Check our list of personalized gift ideas for Gran, and you’ll have a list of great granny gifts to give her all year long!

Personalized Gifts for Grandma

Granny is unique, so choose a personalized gift that seems to call out her name (well, if she could only hear it being called).
Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Personalized Gifts for Grandma

Traditional Custom Made Gifts For Gran

  1. Coloring book pictures and hand picked wildflowers
  2. Engraved picture frames with family pictures and baby photos
  3. Embroidered polo shirts
  4. Personalized pens and personalized pencils
  5. A personalized mug
  6. Custom jewelry (especially nice gifts for Grandma for Mothers Day), and
  7. Homemade gifts for Grandma like hand decorated photo frames, stenciled woodwork, and framed happy birthday poems and anniversary poems

While all of these are all great gifts and are personalized for Gran in the fact that they are either engraved, embroidered, made especially for, or written especially about Grandma herself, there are some other personalized gifts you may not have thought about but are equally great gifts.

Here’s a list of a few.

Unique Gifts That Can Be Personalized for Grandma

  1. Custom printed garden flags (like the ones you can find at giftsforyounow.com and gettysburgflag.com)
  2. Personalized candy bar wrappers (You can get regular sized candy bars or big old 5 pound candy bars with Nanny’s name or a message written to her right on the wrapper at places like wrappedhersheys.com and thecandybarwrapper.com.)
  3. A personalized Bible, available at most Christian bookstores
  4. A monogrammed wind chime (You can find one of these at personalizationmall.com and other places online)
  5. A photo windsock (See one of these at windsensations.com), or
  6. A personalized Grandmother waterglobe (I found a beautiful one at thingsremembered.com.)

Some favorite Christmas gifts for Grandma are personalized Christmas stockings and personalized Christmas ornaments.

Some wonderful Mothers Day gift ideas that can be personalized for a grandmother are hand potted flowers, hand painted planters, and decorated bird houses.

Good birthday gifts for Grandma are monogrammed napkins, monogrammed bath robes, and monogrammed slippers.

Last Minute Gifts But Still Personalized for a Grandma

  1. Send flowers to Grandma!  Many online florists like FTD Flowers, Teleflora, and 1-800-Flowers offer same day delivery if you order early in the day.  Make sure you add a special note just for her or order her favorite flowers or flower colors if you know them.  You could even ask for birth color flowers for every member of her family.
  2. Many of these same online florists and other gift oriented companies offer overnight gift basket delivery where you can add a personal note of love and appreciation.
  3. If you have a day even, take a quick trip to your local craft store and see what kits might be available, or check their website for quick gift ideas you can put together in a pinch.  Even Lowes has online directions for easy projects you can customize with material from the hardware store; their project for refrigerator rock magnets being just one.
  4. Strapped for time AND money but want to give a personal gift?  Bake her a chocolate cake or an old fashioned banana cake, and decorate it if you can, or…
  5. Assemble some gifts in a jar in mason jars and if you have the time, trim with some pretty material that matches the occasion and place a hand written label on the jar.  You can see some good examples of this at christmas.organizedhome.com (gifts and crafts), and there are some other great gifts in a jar recipes at razzledazzlerecipes.com.

Personalized gifts in a jar are good gifts for Grandma any time of the year!

Grandmas are very special people who don’t normally ask for extra attention, but they also appreciate it very much when their grandchildren take the time and energy to share their love and affection for them.  Personalized gifts for Grandma are a great way to do that.

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