Finding The Truth About Coconut Oil – Is Coconut Oil Healthy Or Not?

Finding The Truth About Coconut Oil

Finding The Truth About Coconut Oil – Is Coconut Oil Healthy Or Not?

Well? IS Coconut Oil healthy or not? We’re hearing conflicting messages. Maybe it’s time to go to the source to see what’s true and what may not be so much.
This is such an important learning time as this could affect so many in so many good…or bad…ways, depending on who you believe or what you choose to do.
If you are concerned about your overall health, deal with high cholesterol, are concerned about heart disease or have been told you may be at risk for heart disease, are overweight and want to lose weight, are striving to cook healthier foods, or find yourself simply just confused about what some of today’s so-called health organizations are telling you to do, or NOT do, regarding coconut oil, please read this article (link below) from Trim Healthy Mama founders Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison.
Pearl and Serene’s “take” on things is from a CHRISTIAN point of view and includes Biblical perspectives as both Pearl and Serene are not only well versed in health and medical research but are strong in their faith and draw their wisdom from Biblical principles as well as Scriptural teachings.
Finding The Truth About Coconut Oil

Is Coconut Oil Bad For You?

While Pearl and Serene’s insight into coconut oil as a healthy food vs. danger is extraordinary, there is more to learn here in their insight.  There is a teaching opportunity, a learning opportunity… a teaching “moment” as my husband and I used to call many real time events during our many home schooling years.  
 The teaching opportunity (or teaching moment) here comes not just about how to tackle high cholesterol, battle diabetics, or even just discover new healthy habits, although we should learn all we can in those areas!.
We can, and SHOULD, learn so much more in this “moment”.   It’s there.  Want to know what it is? 
I believe the most important teachable moment here could very well be the confusion surrounding coconut oil use and our ability to see and understand how information is sometimes given and even sometimes manipulated in ways you might never have imagined.
We are sometimes given (naively) incorrect or outdated information. Sometimes though, we simply get a corporate message.
Listen friends, God won’t give you a manipulated narrative, and HE is not into our bodies for His financial gain.
While the teachable moment here, right now, is this most recent AHA announcement, the learning opportunity here is to learn to depend upon the Lord’s provisions, love, and guidance… and NOT mans’ notions, ventures, or schemes. 
See what Serene and Pearl have to share about coconut oil, and consider how the Lord Almighty Himself may have had a part in what they have to say.
After you have put some time and thought into the article here (below), I would like to hear your thoughts.  
Here are a few questions that might arise as you consider what Pearl and Serene wrote. 
  • What do you think about the American Heart Association coconut oil recommendations?
  • Do YOU believe the American Heart Association (AHA) narrative that coconut oil is bad for you and canola oil is a better option when cooking with oil?  
  • Do you adhere to a low fat diet, and how is that working out for you if you are?  
  • What are YOU doing for YOUR high cholesterol count, and is it working or not?  
  • How do you feel about public health organizations providing research and medical or health recommendations based on paid and/or sponsored studies?  
  • What are the health benefits of coconut oil you have experienced or have heard about, if any, that most appeal to you?   
  • What insight most struck you from the Trim and Healthy Mama article on coconut oil?  
  • Did God bring any thoughts to your mind as you read what Pearl and Serene shared about the AHA study on coconut oil? 
  • What Scripture, if any, can you find which helps in your own decision as to whether or not to use coconut oil in cooking and/or for other basic needs?  
Oh, those are maybe just a few of the many thoughts you may have had after reading Pearl and Serene’s article on coconut oil.  You may have had others!  Whatever thoughts that flood your mind after getting this info though, make the most of it and learn a lesson…. or two…. and please feel free to share with us here if you like.
Here is Trim Healthy Mama’s response to the idea of whether or not coconut oil is good or bad for you… and WHY.  Read it below.   PLEASE……..  READ…….  
Coconut Oil Article by Trim Healthy Mama

Please read this article on coconut oil below!

Coconut Oil… So, Now It’s Bad?!?!?
By Serene Allison & Pearl Barrett
Wishing you well.  
In Christ,
Chris Stevens
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