Pop Up Trundle Bed – It May Not Be What You Think

Is there something you should know about a pop up trundle bed?

Trundle beds are great inventions that save space when space is tight.

A popup trundle that houses a second hidden frame and mattress can be any size, the hidden frame having the ability to slide in and out from the bottom of a twin, full, bunk beds, or daybed, the latter sometimes called a daybed trundle bed.

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If you are planning on purchasing a trundle and see the words pop up trundle bed or pop up trundle bed frame, what does that mean exactly?

Check to make sure you understand what this type of trundle actually is.

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Make Your Trundle Bed Guest Friendly

trundle bed set up
Using a trundle bed for guests

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When designing a sleeping quarters for out-of-town visitors and guests, many families and individuals choose to purchase a trundle bed.

Trundle beds are best known for their space saving attributes, so having a bed where a second trundle bed or set of storage cabinets is stored under the main bed or daybed frame is very appealing for individuals who are looking for occasional bedding but who are concerned about the additional space several beds or bedroom furniture pieces might take.

However, while the space saving attribute is why many individuals chose to purchase trundle bed furniture for hosting visitors and guests, there are several steps one can take to make a trundle bed more appealing to the very friend or family member who will be using it for sleep during travel.

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