Texas Weekend Getaways for Couples and Romantic Buckaroos

Texas has some great places to go and things to do, but that’s not all this great state offers.  If you live close by or want to travel there, you can find interesting and fun things to do in Texas.  You can also find plenty of romantic weekend getaways in Texas for a little cowboy or cowgirl who wants to court his (or her) sweetheart a little too.

Below is a list of Texas weekend getaways for couples.  Yea, yea.  Texas is big, but we have included some of the best from throughout various regions of the state, so finding a couples weekend getaway in Texas shouldn’t be all that hard.

These romantic weekend getaways for couples offer charm, privacy, natural elegance, and the best alone time available so you can cozy up to your beloved ranch partner.

Yeehaw!  Your marriage is about to get a little more exciting in Texas!

The San Antonio River Walk here is one of the most romantic weekend getaways for couples you can find anywhere, Texas or otherwise!


Texas Weekend Getaways for Couples

Caddo Lake in Texas

Caddo Lake in Uncertain, TX (yes, that’s the town’s name) is the largest natural lake in Texas and sits on the Texas – Louisiana border so you get a little bit of that backwoods outdoor Texas feel combined with a Louisiana bayou feel.  With its channels and waterways, it’s great for fishing, but its natural beauty even surpasses its fishing attributes.  So tell your hubby to leave his fishing gear at home (unless of course you think that’s a romantic activity too).

If you’re looking for a cheap romantic weekend getaway in Texas, Caddo Lake State Park has very inexpensive camping sites from primitive camping to sites with water and electric.  There are also a limited number of cabin rentals at the state park there, or you can find rental cabins, cottages, and beds and breakfasts throughout the area as well.

Speaking of romantic AND inexpensive, Caddo Lake tours are readily available, and you have practically your choice of what kind of boat you want to go out on from steamboats to paddleboats to renting your own canoe, flat bottom fish boat, or pontoon.  Boat rentals are available at either the state park there or at one of the several marina areas or backwoods gear stores.

If you’re also looking for fun weekend getaways for couples, you can find casinos just 40 minutes away from here in Shreveport, La, or maybe just seeing some alligators when you are walking on the shore might be exciting enough for you.   (Just kidding… kind of.)

Abilene, TX

Often overlooked as a romantic getaway, Abilene, Texas, between El Paso and Fort Worth, TX is a quaint area nestled between the metropolitan areas of north Texas and the oil country land of west Texas.

Abilene may be hidden between those two more well known areas of Texas, but it has a charm and beauty that sets the stage for a quaint Texan couples weekend getaway.

Fort Phantom Hill, just north of the city, was once a western Army outpost to protect the westward-bound frontiersmen.  Now a preserved historical site, it provides the backdrop for a romantic afternoon retreat with interesting historical remains of the post’s buildings, nice picnic sites, a nice trail through the ruins which is perfect for a leisurely, romantic walk, and nice views.

If you’re a BBQ fan, Abilene has some of the best steak and barbecue restaurants around.  Steak dinners are always romantic.  Having a steak dinner in Abilene, TX is pure romance TEXAN style.

Surprisingly, Abilene offers quite a few cultural experiences too which you might not have the chance to enjoy as much when the kids are with you wanting to do more active activities.

Abilene also has many elegant bed and breakfasts for a romantic overnight stay.

You can actually get some coupons for fun and romantic things to do in Abilene at the Abilene Texas Convention and Visitors Bureau website online too which always helps!  Go to the “Visitors and Residents” section of their site at:  http://www.abilenevisitors.com/ for those coupons and for other good information for planning some family or couples weekend getaways there.

Galveston, TX

Galveston, Texas offers tons of things for couples to enjoy for a weekend couples retreat.  What makes Galveston unique is its variety of activities, settings, overnight accommodations, and attractions too.

A couple might find romance walking along the fishing piers where real, working fishermen are bringing their catch back to shore, shopping in the historic downtown area, or going to the beach.  There is also a great choice of cruises from Galveston, and even weekend romancers can find a short romantic cruise from Galveston, Texas.

Big Bend National Park

Far west Texas isn’t like anyplace else in the country, offering some of the most isolated yet beautifully spectacular views any one could find anywhere.  Big Bend National Park showcases this rustic natural beauty making it the perfect place to spend a romantic weekend with your spouse.

Chisos Mountains Lodge, located right inside Big Bend National Park, offers lodging for couples who want comfort amidst nature.  Additionally, camping is readily available inside the national park for those couples who want to romance it while roughing it.  OK, are you REALLY roughing it when you are camping in Big Bend surrounded by high rocky peaks, beautiful sunsets, and the natural beauty of the southwestern landscape?  Well, maybe it is roughing it a little, but you won’t mind.  Believe me, you won’t mind it at all!

You can find lots of information on what to do in Texas at Big Bend’s website here:  http://www.big.bend.national-park.com/

San Antonio, Texas

When it comes to Texas weekend getaways for couples, it would be hard to beat the San Antonio River Walk.  Enough said.

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The Secret of Romantic Weekend Getaways

Romantic Weekend Getaways

Romantic Weekend GetawaysI have to say I almost tripped up on this one.  I knew deep down what I envisioned when I thought of romantic weekend getaways for couples.  I knew what I thought, what I felt about, but then… when I tried to write about those things… my fingers just wouldn’t move.  I was stuck trying to put my feelings into words other people could see and understand.

And then that’s when it struck me.

A romantic getaway for a couple isn’t so much about traveling to some exotic travel destination.  It’s not about lavish accommodations at a couple’s resort or a nice vacation package.  It’s not even just time away from kids (although any of those scenarios are nice sometimes).

A romantic weekend getaway for a couple is all about putting feelings into something someone else can understand.  The only difference is that the other person you want to understand is really your very own spouse.

Oh, it’s easy to talk about communication with each other.  You know… those “languages of love”, does the other person hear you, are you speaking in such a way that you’ll be heard, or even be understood.

And those things are important.  Those things are really important.

But weekend romantic getaways are all about finding a place where your very being, your heart, can be heard.  Where you can let your spouse hear, somehow hear, that he or she is still very special to you in a very special way.

They are also about having the chance to hear your spouse share those same special feelings with you, a chance for love and marriage to whisper, and those joined together can hear.

Oh, you two probably won’t actually SAY you are special to each other in such simple words.  Maybe you will, but probably not.

What you WILL be saying will be something that only your hearts will hear.  It will be your two hearts which will be sharing those words that will make each other know you still believe in your marriage, you still believe in your spouse, and you really do believe your world is still a very special place, and will CONTINUE to be a very special place, because you have the partner you do in life to share it with.

You see, the secret of romantic weekend getaways is not some matter of simply finding places that offer “all inclusive romantic weekend getaway packages” in their advertisements.  They aren’t the hotels that include special packages for romantic couple getaways or oceanside resorts that provide romantic beach getaways.  They are not the luxury hotels with spas… or ice sculptures, or even champagne in bed.

The secret is not even how to get some special kind of pricing on a weekend romantic getaway.

The secret of romantic weekend getaways for couples is that special “something” your hearts know, just know, and say to one another, no matter where you are, no matter how hard times have been, no matter how difficult the trail.

You see, that “secret” your hearts carry is not really any secret to your hearts.  You just need to discover the place your hearts can join, if only for a short while, to hear each others’ hearts beat, understand each others’ thoughts, and “speak” to each other in a way no one else on this earth could ever understand.

You know, come to think of it, perhaps these weekend couples retreats should not even be called “retreats” but instead be called “advancements”, moments of reaching out… to each other, and putting the thoughts of your hearts into actions that speak volumes.

The best romantic weekend getaways happen when you find the right place where the two of you can do that, when you find a place where you can share your hearts… and let those unspoken thoughts and feelings come to life.

So you see, I did start out a little tripped up on how to describe what I thought about romantic weekend getaways.

I’m thinking now it was because those thoughts I had are maybe best shared with the one I love the most, the one whose heart my heart belongs to and speaks to… my husband.

It’s not that I don’t like you all here.  It’s just that…

Well, I have this secret, but it’s only something my own husband can hear and truly understand.

Now go and find a place where you and your spouse can get away and hear what YOUR hearts can say to each other, and you’ll be in store for the most wonderful weekend getaway you could ever imagine.