Cruises From Galveston That Fit Your Family’s Needs and Budget

We just got back from Galveston, Texas, and I have to say we had a wonderful time there!  There are so many things to do in Galveston TX!  The other great news is that cruises from Galveston are among one of the most exciting and even most affordable things!

Now I also have to say we went down with a limited budget and big expectations… Well, big expectations for enjoying some time off the hectic schedule we have in our family anyway.

But I love time just having fun with my family, and I love cheap family breaks even more!

How much can one do with limited funds anyway?  I’ll tell you…  A LOT if you are going to Galveston.  Cruises from Galveston TX can affordable, and they can be something you can incorporate into your family vacation.  What makes Galveston cruises so appealing is all the cruise choices and all the other things to do as well.

When we were there, we found plenty of things to do in Galveston that didn’t cost very much to do.

We also wish we would have had more time to do some more things too, some things that cost a little and some things that cost a little more.

Overall though, it’s a great place to go!

What amazes me the most about that lovely place though (besides the semi-tropical climate, palm trees, ornate Victorian homes, quaint fishing scenes, and history of all kinds and sorts) is the number and diversity of cruises from Galveston, any one of them a good option for a family.

Surprisingly to many, Galveston has been busy recently expanding their tourism (as if it wasn’t big enough already) and also building a very nice array of family cruises, mini cruises, dinner cruises, fishing cruises, sight seeing cruises, and just about any other cruise you might think of (or not KNOW you SHOULD be thinking of)!

The Port of Galveston is currently home to two large cruise lines, Carnival and Royal Caribbean, both which offer the longer, all inclusive cruises, these cruises whisking a family into a dreamy 2 to 8 day Eastern or Western Caribbean cruise.

If you have the time and money for a cruise like that and might like to go to exotic places like Cancun, Jamaica, Yucatan, The Grand Caymans, or Cozumel, here’s your chance to go on one of the Carnival cruises from Galveston or at least to take a look at the Royal Caribbean cruise lines there to see if one of these family vacations might be a possibility.

Royal Caribbean also has a 14 day transatlantic cruise for those families who REALLY want to stray far from home!

Now even Disney is getting in on the Galveston fun!  Disney cruises from Galveston have become a reality with family cruises from Galveston.

Now not every family can plan for such a big family vacation, but if you do, check out what this lovely Gulf Coast city has to offer.

If you DO want to check out the idea of a larger cruise for your family, make sure you check out “Cruises to Go” online,, or look for last minute cruise deals (or even early bird cruise deals) from other discount travel sites online or even from the cruise lines themselves.

By the way, you can actually find great deals on cruises from Baltimore, cruises from Florida, and even cruises from San Diego, New York, New Orleans, or just about from anywhere else if you look, sometimes up to 70% off or so!  And it’s just takes a little looking!

However, even if you don’t think a longer cruise like that is in the cards for you this year, you can still enjoy one of the many other cruises available from this Texas coastal port.

Short cruises from Galveston are perhaps one of the most enjoyable, most affordable, and most overlooked assets of starting, ending, or spending a vacation there.

Looking for things to do in Texas? Check out cruises from Galveston! Even if you are watching your budget, there are short family cruises from Galveston with prices you may want to take advantage of.

Short family cruises are also wonderful for short family breaks when your life is bogged down or weekend family breaks when you want to enjoy the weekend together as a family!

The Colonel Paddlewheel Boat, an authentic but luxurious replica of an 1800-style paddlewheeler (did someone say Tom Sawyer) departs from Moody Gardens on a regularly scheduled basis.  For just around $10.00 per adult and even less for children, it’s not a bad choice at all for an extra special treat.

You don’t need a reservation for this cruise unless you want to go on one of the dinner cruises.  If you do want to enjoy a dinner cruise around Galveston Bay, do make sure you make a reservation and plan for the higher cost.

You can also find Galveston Harbor tours on Galveston’s tourist website,

Galveston’s historical foundation (there’s plenty of history there) is a primary supporter of The Official Harbor Tours Aboard Seagull II.  Daily one-hour trips departing Pier 22 are approximately ten bucks for adults, lesser for children, and not only give you a short cruise adventure but a look at some of Galveston’s history, an opportunity to see some of the beautiful coastline, and a chance of sighting some dolphins.

Who could ask for more for such a reasonable price?

If you’re not as much into history but more into….  well… fishing, or if dad wants a special treat while mom and the kids check out the Schlitterbahn Waterpark, enjoy the day at Moody Gardens (a fantasic array of activities, check them out), or shop and eat at the historical, old-town Strand District (similar in appearance and architecture to New Orleans’ French Quarter), boat companies such a Galveston Party Boats, Inc. offer 12-hour deep sea fishing cruises as well as an 8-hour deep sea fishing cruise and a 4-hour bay and jetty fishing cruise.

The Fanta Sea at offers 2 hour sightseeing cruises (check their website for times, and do make reservations) where you can learn about pirates, oil barons (some people think they’re the same thing), bootleggers, and billionaires.

Star Fleet Cruises, just 25 miles outside Galveston Island, has dinner cruises with Dixieland jazz and strolling violins, but do make note that they require children be over 12.

You an also catch a murder mystery cruise at Star Fleet lines.  At $69.00 per adult and $39.99 for children 3 to 12 for a two hour cruise, murder mystery, and a gourmet buffet dinner, it’s a little more pricey, but if you can swing it, this still seems like a pretty good deal for a nice family event.

Now if you’re looking for REAL fun, you can do what my family did.  We took a cruise on one of duck boats, riding along on land, alongside the Galveston seawall, and then driving right into Galveston’s Bay with the same World War II amphibious vehicle that carried my father during WWII and my father-in-law during the Korean War.

Yes, these little vehicles (big vehicles really) are amazing, low-cost for a family wanting to dip their toes into the water, and to see much more of Galveston than possible otherwise.  They’re even painted yellow, looking quite like a big yellow duck, a point that will not go unnoticed by toddlers or teens.

Galveston duck tours are not everyone’s idea of a “cruise”, but if you’re looking for really cheap cruises from Galveston, and just a taste is the water is OK with you, this short cruise activity can be a fun thing to do in Galveston.

Checking Galveston’s tourism site at should get you started on your way to finding some cruises from Galveston as well as discovering some other wonderful things to do while your there.

All I can tell you now is that if you might like to take a cruise, or if you might like to take a cruise SOMEDAY with your family, Galveston is one place you don’t want to overlook.

You’ll either find the family cruise from Galveston that just fits your family’s interest and pocketbook, or you’ll have fun doing something else while you’re there!

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