Starbucks Coffee Moves to “Right” Direction

For those of you boycotting Starbucks, feeling as if their recent political voice has become too vocal, there is good news.  Here’s what just happened.  
Starbucks has fired their politically controversial CEO, explaining they do not want such political activism from this point on and explicitly vowing to remain more neutral politically.
They have also launched a new program to hire more veterans as well in a good faith effort to win over the country’s conservative-leaning folk who have left Starbucks in large number and, one would assume, military and veteran-friendly customers.
Starbucks wants the business of all, and they stand ready to service everyone without injecting a dose of politics into your Double Chocolate Chip Cappuccino.
Coffee Made Me Do It
Here’s a recent article detailing the firing of Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and Starbucks’ move to make Starbucks less political and thus more welcoming to “both sides of the aisle”.

Starbucks to conservatives: Please come back

Now, if we could only get Congress to move a little from side to side to get some things done in Washington D.C, we could all meet at Starbucks, buy a Starbucks coffee, Chai Latte or Cake Pop (oh yea), and celebrate together!  
What a better place this world could be if we could meet up as fellow coffee lovers..or maybe with an Orange Cream Soda from Starbucks at our fingertips if not. 
Well, there you go, and now you know what Starbucks just did for you… for everyone really. 
So now that Starbucks is “righting” the ship, here’s a new Starbucks challenge for you to participate in.  
Get yourself down to your nearest Starbucks location now.  Come on… GO!  🙂 
Let’s show Starbucks we really appreciate the company making changes to be welcoming to everyone and for the benefit of all. 
Did you know Starbucks still has a Starbucks Rewards Program? 
To find out more, go here:  Starbucks Rewards

The Starbucks Rewards Card – Whatzzit’ It Have For You?

Starbucks Rewards Card

OK, now they’ve done it (but I mean that in a good way)!  LOL  Starbucks has just introduced a rewards card where you can earn free Starbucks coffee drinks, Starbucks coupons, and deals.  You can even get a free birthday beverage when your birthday comes around!

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