Don’t Be Too Busy For This

Never get too busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

Are life choices sometimes hard to make?  When your heart is in the right place, right choices are easier but not always perfect.  What then, should we do? 

How do we even make choices in life that reflect who we are?  

What should our priorities be? 

What happens when life needs offset our heart’s desires?  

How can we not fall short? 

I just posted the following post on the Facebook page that goes with this blog:  


The entire post goes like this:

Just as I was about to write a post about hummingbirds, I got a call which required a little bit more of “me” there (somewhere else) than here (writing a blog). I’m back, and you’ll be seeing that hummingbird post soon! In the meantime… I agree…. “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a ‘life’.” Consider those words as you balance the different areas of THINGS you have in your life with THOSE who share life with you here on this earth. Some decisions do not always have cut and dry answers, and lines of priorities sometimes blur out of necessity beyond your control. However, if your heart is in the right place in advance, you’ll most likely have the rest of “you” where it most needs to be. Best wishes for ALL of you in ALL of your lives. Now… on to writing that article I’m so looking forward to writing! See you here again soon!

Chris Stevens,
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I had originally planned on just popping this blog open thinking I would be then ready to write a blog article on hummingbirds as referenced on my Facebook page post.

I was geared to go, people!  

However, as the window opened, and I looked upon my blog site, I realized I needed to stop a moment to make sure I shared my thoughts HERE as well and not just on that Facebook page. 

Making a living is VERY important, folk.  I know that.  

There are actually lots of other important things in life too, some things that don’t always have anything to do with what we WISH we were doing at any given moment.  

My thoughts today are not about making a living, jobs, daily necessities, or priorities, nor do they have anything really to do with time management, home and work conflicts, parenting questions, mothering choices, work at home desires (if that’s the situation) or outside-of-the-home careers (if THAT’S the situation).  

My thoughts here are ONLY about keeping life in perspective and feeling good about decisions you make when you make the best decision you can.  

Will you always make the best decision, make the best choices in life?  Maybe sometimes.  Maybe sometimes you won’t even really HAVE a choice, or have an option even you like.

Just remember this through it all though: 

Your decisions may reflect your situation and thought processes, but who you ARE is embedded in your heart.

What is in your heart right now?  

To be sure, your decisions may not always represent in public what is inside your heart.  Life is full of plenty of choices to make, and you can’t always make some decisions strictly by the heart.  

But that doesn’t mean your heart has no part of you.  

What’s more, your heart is where you will find the best of this world, the most important parts of your life.  Your heart is where you will find the people who make life… well… make life the best life that life can be.  

It’s OK to make wise decisions, and it is necessary to engage the brain when thinking things through.  (Never trust a heart to think through details, lol)  

But never be just too busy for others in your life.   

There are people who need you.  You need them too.   

That kind of arrangement was by God Almighty’s design.    

However, grace is by God’s design too.  

Life’s rewards are not always based on perfect situations.

Good decisions do not result in a perfect life anyway.

However, making time to show the people in your life that you care for THEM will most certainly be one of the best decisions you could ever make in this life. 

Taking time for others will bless them… and you.  

Taking the time to think about others in your life when making decisions will most certainly yield the best decisions you can make.


Dear Lord,

You are with me all the time.  You must be busy!  You have the world on your shoulders, and this world is full of things for you to do.  Yet… you are with me.  

I might call your constant presence and help in my life the most pronounced multi-taking this world has ever seen.  You know what though… that description is far too small to describe your presence.

I think a better description of what you do for me is that you love me.  You LOVE me.

Everything you have done, are doing, and WILL do for me flows from that love.  You do not look down on me.  You intend great things for me.  You exult me.  You are rejoicing in my very being, no matter how small I may feel at any given time.   

You want the best for me.  You are willing to help me, and in YOUR perfectness, you can make all things happen for Good.  

Thank you for being there for me in such love.

Now as I go through life, please help me to love those others you have placed in my life – those always there in my life and those you bring forth for just a while as in seasons in time.  

Help me see when I’m too busy or absent.  Help me to see when those in my life need me.  Give me guidance in how to show my love for those around me. 

Then please cover them… and me… in grace… when I have failed others in some way. 

After all, I realize I am not perfect, but I know you are perfect in all ways.  Your perfection is far above anything I can offer.  

I praise your very being, and I thank you for mine and for those whom you have placed in my life.  

May I NEVER take those “beings” for granted in my life.   May I always make my love for them more important than my love of things in this world.  

Then may I always be ever mindful of Your presence and grace in ALL of our lives when life “things” mess with even the best intentions.  YOU, Heavenly Father, is what makes “it all” work in life.

Thank you for the cover.  I need it.  

Amen and Amen. 


Friends, go and love. 

Bless, and be blessed.  

That, as I mentioned, is God’s design.

But remember, grace… God’s grace… thankfully… is by God’s design too. 

We win. 



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Thank you.  Chris Stevens at The New American Home with Chris Stevens