Testing on Thanksgiving

Prayer of Thanksgiving

If you have received notice of a new post today (several times) about a Thanksgiving Day prayer, you may be frustrated trying to load the page. 

When you click on the post (or expected post), you will see a page that says the page can not load because there are too many re-directs. 

I believe this is due to first having a photo that was too large and then my trying to edit the post (and the URL then). 

After getting frustrated with trying to fix it and a number of other re-directs, I did learn to go into my redirect plug in and look under the “Groups” tab.  Sure enough, I saw all those first posts with other URLs, and I deleted those other earlier posts that were redirecting, apparently all over the place! 

Well, that helped some others.  It just hasn’t helped me.

Again, I’m sorry if you have received several notices about this post. 

I am even more frustrated that I have not been able to get that post to you.  I wrote it especially for today, Thanksgiving 2014. 

I’ll keep trying though… not to bother you with new notices, but to get that post to you.  Well, and to fix my blog too, lol. 

Please accept my apologies.  I am praying over this problem and hoping the Lord will help me figure this out! 

I will let you know what happens.  It is either that…. or you’ll see my posting that Thanksgiving prayer post some more!  (Sorry, but wow, this is bothering me!) 

We are always tested in life, aren’t we? 

Guess I am on a journey.  Lord help me! 


Prayer of Thanksgiving

If you don’t hear from me otherwise (like in that OTHER post I am trying to publish)… 

Happy Thanksgiving from Padoozles!) 


A Thanksgiving Prayer for All Time

A Thanksgiving Prayer

A Thanksgiving prayer isn’t just for Thanksgiving Day, and it’s not just for times of thanks. A prayer of thanks is for any time, any day, any reason and at any hour or moment of the day.

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. -1 Thessalonians 5:18

Dear Heavenly Father,

You give us so much!

Sometimes the things you give us are wonderful. We thank you for those things!

Sometimes the things you give us don’t look so good to us. It is a struggle to say this, dear Lord, but thank you for those things too because we know deep down that you give us all things for GOOD. These seemingly not-so-good times and events of our lives are not bad things in your eyes.  You are working something wonderful during those times, and you are with us in it all.

May I rest in your goodness and perfect Will.

Prayer of ThanksgivingAnd then there is this:

Sometimes the things we have in our lives hurt.

How can I thank you for those things?

I can thank you because I know you love me. That’s the ONLY way I could thank you sometimes! I thank you because I know you love me and you are with me on this journey. 

You never wanted the hurting things to happen. You gave us a world where those things would NOT happen. Then evilness entered the world, and we have to wait to be in that perfect world once again.

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I will thank you for being right there with me through those things that hurt.

Dear Lord, I do ask that you make Your love known to me in my broken world here… Make that love you have for me, for me PERSONALLY, known to me, FELT by me, that I see you in so many different things right now.

If I have to have the pain, or the hurt, or the sadness, and I know those things will be, I know I want YOU more than ever. Be near me. (I know you will.)… And let me FEEL you near me. I need that.

Because of Your love, I can thank you even in the hurting times. I am thankful I have YOU.

Thank you that you I have YOU. Thank you for being my Lord and God. Thank you for being my everything. Thank you for BEING everything.

Yes, I will declare it right here, right now. You… Lord… are my EVERYTHING. For without You, I would have nothing anyway. 

Lord, I am so thankful I have you because good things come and go, and bad times want to overcome, but you…. YOU will always be there, and your love will overcome all.

When I have You, and when I know You are ALL I have, I have blessings beyond imaginable.

Praise God! I am blessed.

What Can I Pray to God When I am Hurting

Thank you, Heavenly Father.

Thank you for all the wonderful things you give.

Thank you for working something wonderful during those times that don’t seem so great. And thank you for being so wonderful when it hurts.

We give thanks. We really can give thanks!  

May our Thanksgiving Day prayers this year honor all you are and all you do in our lives, and may we remember your goodness and grace every future day of our lives.

Through Jesus Christ we come to you, both now and forever more,


A Thanksgiving Prayer

Happy Thanksgiving from padoozles.com