Diatomaceous Earth And Arthritis | How To Heal Arthritis Naturally

John and Chris Stevens

Diatomaceous Earth And Arthritis 


The surprising story of how food grade Diatomaceous Earth helped my damaged knee.  

If you have had joint damage or just plan arthritis, you need to read this! 


My personal story: 

I drink a glass of water with FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth every morning and have noted tremendous effects.

I began drinking it to help with my metabolism (normal aging but also a thyroid disorder which can offset the metabolic process – an effect of ANY thyroid problem).

I began feeling “better”, more energic and sharp, but what really surprised me was the vast amount of pain reduction of the severe arthritis in my right knee (from a rip in my meniscus a few years ago).

I had never considered DE for the arthritis, but I was not doing anything else for it at that time. I wondered if the DE could be what was giving me such relief and started reading more about it. Sure enough, I discovered FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth had minerals and qualities that could help with joint health – joints, bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

If you’re interested in this, let me share a couple things.

Using Diatomaceous Earth For Arthritis


1  First, you MUST use FOOD GRADE. Food grade is pure and natural. If it is NOT food grade, you have the industrialized version which has been processed for swimming pools, cleaners, etc. Don’t drink that!  THAT is NOT for human consumption!  ONLY drink FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth!

2  Secondly, don’t expect healing or even the glimpses of such overnight. I was drinking my morning “dirt water” (as I affectionately call it) every morning for weeks before one day, I just realized I was walking in ways I never thought possible again. My knee felt really good.  I felt really good! Getting to those noticeable places in life takes time though.

3  Finally, make sure you drink lots of extra water when drinking DE with water. Diatomaceous earth can be dehydrating. If you don’t drink enough water along with your DE water mixture (I drink an extra glass of plain water right after my glass with DE and then more plain water all day long), you could find yourself being constipated, and that’s not good for you.

Oh, and one post note here:  

I may call this “dirt water”, but you might like to call it “chalk water”.  Yep.  It has a slightly-white appearance, and it tastes like it looks.  It’s OK.  Really!!!!  Consider it a daily reminder that you are working towards good health naturally!  

How To Heal Arthritis Naturally With Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

1  Again, remember to always use FOOD GRADE.

I actually found my food grade supply close by at our local Russell Feed and Supply store. Some farmers and ranchers give food grade DE to animals or spread it on their skin or fur for natural parasite control, both internal and external.  (Use food grade for pets as well when doing this.) 

You can also find food grade DE easily online.

2  Start with just a little each day, maybe a teaspoon of food grade DE in a large glass of water (followed by another plain glass of water) until you are drinking up to 1 Tablespoon of food grade DE in water, still followed by more plain water afterwards and throughout the day.

Expect good results in your bowel movements, even better than before maybe) if you’re drinking enough water. Expect constipation if you are not drinking enough water with your dirt water, after your dirt water, and throughout the day.

3.  Keep drinking your food grade DE every day then, or at least every day you can.  If you miss a day, don’t worry.  Just keep going.  It is consistent and long-term efforts that help our body heal naturally, no matter what natural health protocol, remedies for athritis, or good habits you are working on! 

My success story does not mean you should drink food grade Diatomaceous Earth at the exclusion of all other plans of action or healthy habit building.  You should always be seeking information on healthy life style changes, holistic health ideas, medical help, or other functional or integrative health practices you could benefit from.   

I just wanted to share MY story with you here. 

John and Chris Stevens

John and Chris Stevens

Does Diatomaceous Earth help arthritis? 

I believe my success story DOES show promise for some of you who may want to give this one daily step a try to see if it might help you in some way.  

Want to try Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth?  

Here is one I recommend:  


Nature’s Wisdom Diatomaceous Earth 1 pound 

Have you used Diatomaceous Earth for anything?  If you have, please share your story in the comments below!  


Chris Stevens

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