Into The Swing of Things I Know Best

Roses for my readers

Writing a blog takes work.  It can also take courage to be the person one really is.  I did some searching to find “me”, and this is what I found.

Some of you have followed me a long time here on this blog.  Those of you who have done so have my sincere appreciation.  Thank you. 

Some of you may have simply found a page here or there on this blog and have found that page to be useful to you that day.  Maybe that one page answered your question or fulfilled the answer (or answers) to a google search you performed.  

Roses for my readers

Roses for my readers

I am thankful for those of you who have stopped by at such times as well, and I hope this blog helped in some real way! 

While I’ve always enjoyed writing here, and I’ve been with this blog on a fairly consistent basis throughout the last few years, (until a sabbatical these last few months), I’ve also always struggled with this blog’s exact “worth”, its existence maybe even.  

WHO should I be speaking to?  WHAT did I really want to say here?  How personal or educational, how formal or friendly should the words here be?  

I actually wrote a blog post here several months ago about new changes, new directions.  I knew I did not have an exact handle on where I wanted to go with this blog.  I wasn’t even sure if I should keep this blog more general, get more specific, or keep this one general and create other more focused blogs…. kind of like what is called in the online blogging or online marketing word as a “niche market”.  

I knew I needed something different than what I had.  I needed SOME KIND OF FOCUS.

Not really intending to, I pretty much went quiet here since that one blog post.  Oh, I wrote something here and there, but for the most part, I experienced that “waiting on God” time I described in that blog post those few months ago where I called upon the Lord to help me find my new way and spoke about how sometimes God takes His good old time giving us His answer.

(I’m not complaining, Lord… just describing what it seems like to us humans here on earth.)  🙂  

So it came to… and comes down to… this….  

I believe God answered my pleas for a more focused path forward, but He was not quick in doing so.  

One thing we need to remember is that God does NOT always answer questions in the time frame we wish He would!  Sometimes He may say “no” to something too.  

I wasn’t ready to accept a “no” answer in this case mostly because I wasn’t asking for something I wanted.  I was just asking for wisdom and guidance, and I knew somehow, at some point… if I only waited His answer… He would answer such a plea.  

So now I’m writing here today, not completely prepared to begin again in full with this blog, but my mind is here, and my heart is here too!

I am preparing to GET into the full swing of things here now.

The Father above has been easing me into the place He would have me to be with writing a blog here.

Those gentle nudges included taking me more recently to the Facebook page connected with this blog.  

That Facebook page is located here:

I felt that all-too-familiar Holy Spirit ‘nudge’ to just have some fun writing a Facebook page before going back to writing blog posts.  

That seemed simple enough.  It didn’t seem threatening.  It didn’t feel like some kind of confining move nor one that would stress me out if I didn’t have a specific niche or focus. 

After all, Facebook is a place where all sorts of stories and ideas can be shared!  So I started posting again on my blog’s Facebook page (the link above). 

I’m glad I listened to that nudge too.  It was a great writing exercise for me to find my writing voice and also to find my niche for this blog and perhaps other writing to come.  

After writing on that Facebook page for about a month now, dedicating just 30 minutes to an hour a day or so for 4 to 5 days a week and writing Facebook posts I had an interest in sharing, I began to realize more and more who I was and what my voice was.  

THAT…  that VOICE… I determined…. what what I wanted to share on this specific blog website.  

I wanted to write a blog website where I could share the little things in life that I learned throughout my years and in the way I think and speak naturally.  

And for me… “life” included a lot of different things mostly involving my family and my home.  

So, while I may start some niche marketing blogs centered around specific topics and for specific audiences sometime, my first move will be to keep going but with a renewed focus on speaking about the life I have known and have loved.  

I believe I have a lot to offer.  I think I can offer what I can in a loving and simple voice, just as I believe I have done so with my children throughout the years.  

I also want that loving and simple voice to passed on to those who knew me in life long after I leave this life.  I would like to have one of the few things I consider one of my best qualities, my wise, encouraging, and faithful voice, to be encapsulated, kept in a sort of time box, for whenever someone wants to whip out my voice and remember it or to draw upon it even if they never knew me. 

It kind of gives blogging a new meaning, at least for me, to go about blog writing as a way to preserve something about myself in addition to creating content for a blog. 

So…  through honoring the leading of the Holy Spirit (for me as of late, that being to just write via a Facebook page, having fun with writing), I have finally enjoyed the answer as to what my new season and new direction should be here on this blog.

My new path will be my real voice, the voice of ME. will continue to be somewhat general in nature incorporating posts about the home and family, but it will be my voice sharing the bits of wisdom and learning I have obtained throughout the years where my home and family has been my LIFE.  

I will continue with a Christian life view since my faith has always been the foundation of my life, my family, and my home.  

I have also decided to unabashedly honor the idea that we are an American home and that I write primarily to families in America. 

I hope and pray that by combining the blessings of a life in Jesus Christ with the blessings of life as an American family, I will somehow bless other families of this great nation.  That might also provide some blessings to others in other parts of the world who have not been so blessed or have not experienced what I have here.

I still honor and appreciate all of my readers from all other countries.  I also appreciate my readers of other faiths who may come here looking for answers to help find a loving answer in their own families.  Just realize I am a Christian, and my own voice is going to come from that place in life, and I am an American, and I want to share and celebrate and shareTHAT place in life as well.  

You may be seeing some visual changes here soon to go along with my new commitment to this blog.  Perhaps you’ll see a name change or a new description.  (OK, I just did it, lol.)

You’ll also see the blog writer (me) more willing to let you see my real thinking, my patterns of thought, my interests and values…. my “voice”.  

I will also be incorporating more affiliate marketing links throughout, not just because they are helpful in blog writing material, but because I really have fun with marketing products.

You’ll NEVER see this blog as just some selling blog to make money online though. 

At the same time, I believe sharing lessons learned, sharing life lived, sharing ideas, and sharing products, gadgets, and gizmos all work well together! 

The bottom line here is:     

No matter what I’m writing about or sharing on any particular post, you will still always get quality information about LIFE on site…  or at least that will be my intention whenever I write to you here on this blog.

And even more foundational than that: 

I’ll be sharing life with my voice, some of which the Lord gave me at birth and some of which I have learned and earned throughout the years.

Be forewarned though.  When my voice follows my thought processes, you may find me talking about many different things!

But isn’t that what life, families, and homes have anyway… lots of different things?  

So, I’m back, and it’s going to be “ME”.  

Be prepared for some changes for sure, but also know those changes have been wrapped in prayer and in patience.  

I love you through Christ who loves us all, and I pray this blog will be an online connection that will bless many in the months and years to come.  


Chris Abercrombie Stevens

Blessed by The New American Home

Maybe I Should Stick With What I’m Best At, If I Can Find It

What am I best at doing?

Ever have a bad day?  I mean a really bad day where you just look at yourself and wonder “what am I good at?”; question what good you do, what difference you make (that’s good and not bad), what you mean to others.

Does it then come down to “What am I doing with my life anyway”, and you’re either totally confused or not happy with the answer?

I didn’t have a great day today.  No.  It was pretty bad, and it was one of those really bad ones I just described.

Skipping some turns of events that came out of the blue today, I’m left wondering….

Have I ever really been good at anything?

I thought I was a good mom.  I gave EVERYTHING to being a good mom.  Oh, I wasn’t always the perfect mom, but my heart was sure in it.

And then there are those days when I just have to wonder if I did, or am doing, the right things or if maybe even I was a complete screw up.

But at least I always loved being a mom; God gave me the blessing of experiencing something very special, and I’ve always prayed for God to cover my kids with His grace if I didn’t give my kids everything I should have given them or handled a situation perfectly.

But was I good at it?  Did I make a difference; did I make a good difference in the lives of my kids?  Being a mom to my kids was my passion in life.  Was this my best work?

On some days, I might say yes.  On others, I would be pointing fingers at myself for the times they deserved more than what I was… or am.

And then there is work.  You know, like career work, being a professional.  Even just working somewhere, anywhere.  I’ve never been good in that area.

I started out well.  I thought I would be someone fancy someday, a big shot even perhaps.  Well, you never know.  And then I failed,  And THEN I gave up.

Somehow I mustered up enough confidence to try once more in my older years, only to find out I was too old.  Too much time had gone by.  I wasn’t primed to do whatever there is to do these days either.

So I started writing.  I began to write a blog.  I never thought I was the greatest writer, but I enjoyed writing, and I really thought I could make up for a lesser writing skill perhaps with a real belief in what I wanted to do,  a desire to help others with the research I was willing to put time into, and a heart help others with my written words.

Today… right now…  I’m not sure I could make those words come out anymore.  Quite frankly, I’m not sure my words were any good anyway, and I’m not convinced I was anything other than a wanna be, kind of like I wanted to be the perfect mom or that someone big and fancy someday.

What’s the hashtag that seems to fit right now.  Oh yea… #fail

So as you can probably see, I’m kind of stuck right now.

What am I best at doing?

Discovering what you’re good at can take you in circles sometimes. It’s not much fun going in circles.
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I’m not sure I’ve ever done anything well, and quite frankly, I’m wondering if I’ve ever really done anything at all.   If there WAS anything, was any of it even good?

There is a real need for all of us to do something in life, to know that what we’ve done has created something good for this world or for someone else in particular.

Some are happy with just some money earned.  I was never good at that either, by the way.  Remember?  I wanted to be a mom first and foremost and gladly accepted the lower available funds and fewer treats in life in exchange for working towards that best-mom-in the-world status which I never obtained that status of.

But mostly, we all just want our lives to have been worthwhile –  to know, really KNOW, we had something to offer,  that what we had to offer was good, and that what we were made of meant something to someone, maybe for some, anyone at all.


What do you do when you don’t know if you even have anything good you can do?

What do you do?

You know, right now, the way I feel, I don’t really know what to tell you.  I don’t know what to do.

But I do at least feel that gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit that says “Keep going, little one. Keep going.  It’s not your job to figure out if what you do is producing what you think it should.  It’s that you do your best with whatever it is you ARE doing.  Then just let me take care of the harvest.”

So OK, I really have no idea what I’ve REALLY done with my life.  I don’t know what I’m doing now… and I don’t have a clue what I’ll be doing tomorrow, but heck yea, I guess I can let God take my not- so-great “me” and figure out what good will come from that.

So I guess what I’m really best at… is being… me.

I sure hope you can do something with that, Lord, cause I haven’t had such a great track record on my own.  But OK, I’ll keep trusting you’ll figure out what to do with me, Dear God.  I’ll keep trusting.

So I guess I can’t give up then either… whatever it is I’m doing here.  Well…. OK.  I guess I could do THAT too.

God, you sure do have a funny way of doing things, but at least I know it is all for good.

Oh y-ea….  that’s right…. that’s it….  You make all, even MY all, for good.  And I guess that includes whatever I’ve done along the way… or will do tomorrow.  It’s all good.

So here’s how I see it.  My best is just being “me”.  It’s what I do best.   And then the challenge after that is to be the best “me” I can be…

…and let God take what I do (good AND not so good) and…..  trust Him.  Trust him for making it all work together for good.  (And He’ll do it too.  He said He would.)

Thanks, God, I kind of needed that right now.

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

Romans 8: 28