Ten Timeless Weekend Getaways for Couples

weekend getaways for couples

Want to spend some time with your spouse so you can smile a little together, get to know each other again, maybe even grow to love each other all over again, or maybe just have a little fun time together without the kids in tow?

Sure you do!

Weekend getaways for couples are very important and sometimes necessary to keep those fires going in a marriage relationship and to keep you growing as a married couple.  Sometimes you just need to have some time together as a married couple again.  Romantic weekend getaways could be exactly what you need right now to keep your romance fresh and strong!

Finding a great weekend getaway for you and your spouse, and doing something to help you remember what made you love your spouse so much to begin with (and vice versa) is certainly honorable, helpful, and worth the investment of your time and effort.

They are quite frankly a good thing for moms and dads to do sometimes.

Are some getaways going to be better than others?  Sure there are different kinds of getaways for couples, and some may be more or less expensive than others, but the best time you can have together is the time where you can simply enjoy each other the most of all.

Below are some great weekend getaways for couples that can be done most any time of the year and for any couple regardless of how long or how short a time they have been married.  Timeless and unchanging in some very foundational ways, these special moments together can help make a marriage last forever.

Weekend Getaways for Couples

Timeless marriage. Timeless love. Spend some time together!
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Ten Timeless Weekend Getaways For Couples

1.  Reserve an all inclusive honeymoon package at a luxury hotel.

Who says honeymoon packages are just for honeymoon couples?  If you want to experience each others depth of love and remember that physical attraction which brought you two together in the first place, honeymoon packages can be just the right romantic getaway for you.

2.  Make weekend reservations at a bed and breakfast in a historical town or community.

A nice bed and breakfast surrounded by nature’s beauty and beautiful sunsets always bring a peaceful feeling to an otherwise stressful lifestyle.  A romantic bed and breakfast in a small historical town can be just the right combination of romance, fun, and relaxation.

3.  Spend the weekend at an oceanside hotel or beach resort.

The ocean is always a relaxing place to be, with or without the kids.  You’ll be surprised though to experience just how relaxing staying at a hotel on the beach can be when it’s just you and your spouse.  A walk on the beach, a chat on the balcony, even the sounds of the waves at night time can all add up to intimacy and partnership all over again.

4.  Reserve a room in a mountain resort area.

A mountain ski resort can be nice in the winter (doesn’t snow and cold weather always seem a little romantic???), or you can reserve some weekend time away any time of the year in a mountain resort area such as The Poconos Resorts in Pennsylvania, a resort hotel in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, or a lodge in Durango, Colorado.

5.  As an alternative to staying at a resort in the mountains, book a cabin in the mountains for just the two of you.

Sit out on the porch at night and talk about dreams and aspirations, or just listen to the crickets and hold hands as you sit on your porch swing at night.  If you get adventuresome, pull your blankets out to the porch and sleep outside, or do whatever else you want to do there even, so long as the neighbors don’t see.

6.  Reserve a cabin at a state park in your neck of the woods.

A nice thing about this option is that state parks are generally fairly accessible, and state parks are usually very pretty.  They are there to showcase the beauty of the state they represent.  Rentals at state parks are generally very reasonably priced as well which makes state parks cheap, inexpensive weekend getaways for couples.

If the state park is in the mountains or by a lake, you’ve got the additional makings for a nice weekend get away.  If there are kayak rentals, hiking trails, biking trails, or lake swimming there, you’ve got nearby fun that won’t cost a lot to enjoy.

7.  Book a weekend cruise.

Weekend cruises offer the same accommodations and excitement as longer cruises and offer the same exquisite entertainment opportunities such as dinner and dancing, shows and casinos, and swimming and spas.  Some of the long weekend cruises even offer much of the same extras you might find on a longer trip such as scuba diving, dolphin feeding, and shore excursions.

Weekend cruises for couples provide time to relax, have some fun as just a couple again, and maybe even enjoy some activities you wouldn’t otherwise be able to participate in with children close to keep track of.

8.  Board a weekend dinner cruise.

Dinner cruises from harbors in cities across the country offer lunch, dinner, and even midnight cruises where your dining experience can be sophisticated and the views magnificent.  Enjoying a harbor area is always refreshing and calming to the soul.  Fitting a harbor cruise around some other fun event or activity in the area can provide an enjoyable weekend time together as a married couple.

9.  Enjoy a weekend festival, concert, sports event, or production in your community, in another metropolitan area close to you, or at a college or university nearby.

A jazz festival, art exhibit, or musical theater production can provide opportunities to enjoy a mutual interest in the arts.  A food and wine festival might be considered when otherwise it wouldn’t.  Even concerts, recitals, sports events, and lectures at a local university can be part of a weekend getaway for a couple.

10.  Reserve a suite in a nice hotel close by or even in your very own town, order some pizza, watch movies on your computer all night long (well, not ALL night long), and just enjoy the area and your time together as a couple.

Plan a daytime schedule which allows you to do those close by things you both would enjoy doing but don’t always have much a chance to with your busy schedules, like browsing some local used bookstores, going to a historical landmark, or having a leisurely lunch at a museum cafe or antique shop restaurant.

The best weekend getaways for couples are those were you can feel relaxed together and remember how much you mean to each other!

These weekend getaways for couples are those same getaways couples have done for eternity and will probably continue to  do for eternity because they work.  Enjoy your time together, and you’ll enjoy your lives together even more.

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