The Best Artificial Christmas Trees for Sale This Year

Artificial Christmas Trees
Artificial Christmas Trees

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Artificial Christmas trees on Amazon right now range from a mere $2.99 to a not-so-mere cost of $2,999.99.  There certainly is a wide variety to chose from these days!

If your family is on a limited budget, you should still able to find an artificial Christmas tree that will suit your needs for a few holiday seasons for very little.

If you want to spend a little extra, you can find a high quality tree that should last for years.

Fortunately, most of these trees, regardless of their cost, look more realistic than ever before, but some are better than others.

Some are also more fun or work better than others for your home’s set up or family’s needs.

Here’s a list of some of the best artificial Christmas trees for sale this year and why they rank as top choices.

Most Real Looking Artificial Christmas Trees

Whether you budget is large or more modest, Fraser Fir artificial Christmas trees will be your best best for an artificial substitute that looks realistic.

The Vernon White Spruce, Colorado Spruce, Aspen Estate Fir, and Noble Fir are other realistic substitutes for real pine.

The Douglas Fir is also a smart choice for those looking for a realistic looking artificial Christmas tree.

Balsam Hill at has a good choice of high quality Christmas trees and wreaths including Fraser Fir evergreens and many others.

Home Depot has a nice selection of Noble Fir.

Linen’s and Things, Walmart, and Sears have good selections of Colorado Spruce, and Douglas Fir trees are available at a multitude of places.

The Best Colorful Artificial Christmas Trees

The funky and colorful artificial Christmas trees from Treetopia at are definitely worth looking at if you want to have some fun with your Christmas decor.

From unique colors like cotton candy pink, sapphire blue and champagne gold to fun-loving color patterns such as candy corn trees and rainbows, Treetopia has one of the most fun selections around.

The Best Small Artificial Christmas Trees for Small Areas

Stores recently have been offering more and more uniquely-sized and odd shaped artificial Christmas trees for small places.

One of the best newer products is the half tree where the front looks like a normal evergreen but there are no branches on the back.  What a novel idea for a family who has a smaller room but would like to have the traditional green look!

Slim artificial Christmas trees that made their way to the floor of many mainstream retail and specialty stores a few years back provide an excellent option for families who don’t have a lot of room for a larger display.  Some families have used these slim evergreen trees in a group instead of having one large tree, even when they DID have the room for a monster mega Santa Clause magnet.

The Best Christmas Trees for Toddlers and Preschoolers and Little Kids With Big Curiosities

Fiber optic Christmas trees come in all sizes, but the smaller sizes to display on a table or stand or those which can be hung from the ceiling are good options for families with young children who want a fun and festive holiday decor in the house without worrying about little hands pulling at the tree.  Some of these prelit artificial Christmas trees may not look as natural in some cases, but they sure are a hoot to have around for a Christmas or so.

The Best Buys in Cheap Artificial Christmas Trees

When you are on a tight budget, which many families with children are during this time of the year, you may not have the funds to buy a heirloom Christmas tree of top quality that will last for years and years, but you may still want the best tree for what you can spend.

Here are four things to look for to get the best artificial Christmas tree regardless of what your cost for it is.

1.  Look for pre light artificial Christmas trees that have Christmas tree lights which will keep working even if one individual bulb stops working or gets damaged.  Most do now, even at the lower price range, but not all do.  Your investment, no matter how large or small, will get the best return if the lights don’t sniff the life out of your tree before the tree dies at an old artificial age.

2.  Look at the warranty of the tree to see if you are putting your money into the tree that will give you the most time for your dollars spent.

3.  Check to make sure your product is flame resistant.  Most are these days, but with a family you care about a whole lot, it is never worth overlooking such a factor.

4.  Purchase your artificial Christmas tree in September or early October so you can choose from the best selection while the pre holiday sales are still offering good deals.  The closer you get to the holidays, the fewer selections you have to pick from and the higher the costs.

If you just want to save money on Christmas and don’t really care what kind of tree you get, you can find the best prices on artificial Christmas trees in early January.

The Best Sales on Artificial Christmas Trees at All Price Ranges

You can actually find some of the best discounts on prices for quality artificial Christmas trees online at places like and the clearance pages at Balsamhill, TreeTopia, and Christmas Trees Galore.  (They also have more modestly priced trees as well.)

You can also find some of the best discounts on cheap artificial Christmas trees at The Christmas Depot at

My Personal Choices for Best Artificial Christmas Trees for Christmas 2012

White Artificial Christmas Trees

#1 Winner Artificial Christmas Tree for Christmas 2012

How beautiful is this frosted white Holiday Time Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear Lights, available at Walmart for $138.00!  Link here:  Holiday Time Frosted Christmas Tree

The beautiful frosted limbs with clear lights would be beautiful with gold ornaments and red bows.  It would also be very pretty with an array of colors.

The reviews are great, and at such a low cost, you can hardly beat this beauty.

The new upside down Christmas trees around should be mentioned here as well.

As you can see, the best artificial Christmas tree for your family will vary depending on your family’s needs, space, and likes.  While you can spend a lot for a family heirloom or a little for a functional Christmas decoration which can even be changed the next year if desired, artificial Christmas trees have a lot to offer any family.

What kind of artificial Christmas tree have you used or would like to purchase, and would you recommend it to other families too?

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