The Best Educational Christmas Songs for Kids on YouTube

Christmas Songs for Kids

We all love Christmas songs, but when you’re a kid, Christmas music adds a special blend of magic to the Christmas season.  After all, when Frosty the Snowman runs around the streets of town and Rudolf the Reindeer plays games with other reindeer, why wouldn’t a child believe special things can actually happen during the holiday season?

Now that you’ve got your children’s attention with kids Christmas songs, why not add some educational features that teach them real life basics along with the Christmas fun?

It’s easy to do.  One need not look any further than YouTube to get some great teaching ideas.

Let’s look at a few Christmas songs for kids YouTube has, and then take some lessons from those videos on how to incorporate teaching concepts into other music you might have on hand as well.  These are some of the best educational Christmas songs on YouTube, but they are not, by any means, the only good ones available.  There are tons of great Christmas songs for children that can be used in one way or another to help a child learn.

Christmas Songs for Kids

Six Christmas Bells Are Ringing!

Here are a couple of the best preschool Christmas songs and kindergarten Christmas songs that you can take right from YouTube’s website and sing (and move) with your children.

The Dancing Christmas Tree Song

Using movement of body parts has always been a traditional way of teaching a child body awareness and coordination, sometimes even body parts themselves (Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes).  Why not carry that teaching concept over to Christmas items in your home!

This video has the additional benefit of including the song’s simple words along with the video, a good tool for older preschoolers, kindergartners, and young elementary students just learning to read or having difficulty making the connections.

Here’s another YouTube Christmas song video that teaches counting.

Christmas Bells to Ring

By taking a traditional children’s rhyme and adapting it to items of the season, it’s easy to teach counting during the holidays!

Need a little higher counting song for Christmas?

How about counting the presents that Santa has in his backpack?

The Santa Counting Song









You could probably even find some fun children’s songs that incorporate math or counting and change the words to fit Christmas.  For instance, “One, two, Santa buckled his shoe; three four, the elf ran out the door…”

We saw a video above which added a very simple song with words to the video, making it easy for even the youngest of children to either read those simple words or at least become aware there are written words that go with words they hear.

This concept works really well with older children as well.

YouTube Christmas videos that provide words with Christmas songs children can read along with or even sing along are easy to find online and an easy activity to give to your child.  You might even want to have a sing-a-long with your kids watching the videos!

Here is one of the best of the Christian Christmas songs on YouTube that shows how easy it is to learn reading (or become a better reader) during the holidays.

Hark the Herald Angels Sing with Lyrics









Christmas songs with lyrics are one of your best teaching tools during the Christmas holidays!

Have you ever thought about teaching Social Studies, Geography, or even Anthropology through Christmas music and songs from around the world?

Whether your child is young or old, using the concept of Christmas around the world, you can find lots of YouTube videos that promote Christmas music in different cultures and in different parts of the world.

While your child may or may not learn directly from these videos, you are bringing an awareness of other places and people into your home and family, raising awareness and hopefully cultivating an interest in your child upon which you can build from using additional learning activities, games, reading, and so forth.

Here is one of the best international Christmas videos I’ve seen on YouTube which, at least for me and I believe possibly for you, will foster tons of ideas for teaching about other places and other people.  While the video was not made specifically for kids at Christmas, the lively music and fast-moving images will keep your children occupied and wondering what all the unfamiliar objects and settings are all about.

Sing Noel – African Christmas Song









Another way to encourage appreciation of other lands and culture is to watch some videos of Christmas around the world, complete with traditional Christmas songs your child is used to.

This video of Christmas in France should make anyone get at least a little excited about this beautiful country and traditions.

Noël à Metz






Have a student of foreign language in your household?  If you do, why not find some YouTube videos that have words to Christmas songs in other languages?

A high schooler, college student, or parenting adult taking foreign language might like this kind of German Christmas song sing-a-long with lyrics:

Vom Himmel Hoch









So far, we have looked at videos OTHERS have made which you can use at Christmastime to teach your children, but I’m sure you know that doing is the best learning tool around.

Why not use the season to make your own video or have your children make their own YouTube Christmas song video for Christmas?  The videos will be at different based on the different age and skill levels, personality, and interests, but every single Christmas song video your child makes will be the best Christmas song ever.

Here’s a pretty elaborate video someone made as a Christmas gift to their family.  Now I don’t know this person, so this may be the result of an adult’s work or a college student studying photography or media and digital technology, but the idea is there for any individual, adult or child alike, to take a Christmas song and put with pictures, photos, icons, or objects.

The Little Drummer Boy









And let me repeat…  you don’t need to be a computer wiz to make a Christmas song video with your child.

The Cutest 12 Days of Christmas

OK, so maybe children’s Christmas songs don’t always fit into our traditional Christmas mode, but isn’t that sweet innocence part of what makes this time of year so special!

Whatever your child’s age, music skills, or media savvy understanding, kids Christmas songs are always fun, but educational Christmas songs for kids are a fun way of learning during a special time of the year.

The good news is that these are FREE teaching resources for parents to use!

With just a little searching on YouTube, some Christmas YouTube videos with music and song, and perhaps sometimes a little additional thought to connect some other activities with the songs or videos, you can find many good Christmas songs for kids to learn and grow by and which will help your family have some cherished times together this holiday season.

Yes, Christmas songs are a fun and enjoyable part of family holidays, but when utilized as a part of a child’s everyday educational environment, even learning can become part of the magic of Christmas!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Haap—peeeeee Neeeeew Yeeeaaaaarrrrrr!


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