The Inflatable Travel Pillow – Should these features ban them from your family’s travel purchases?

Inflatable Travel Pillow
Inflatable Travel Pillow

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Having an inflatable travel pillow can be a real asset to a traveling family.

They are naturally small, sometimes the size of a pocket before inflating.  Yet, their ability to hold a neck upright, or in a natural sleeping position as some do, can greatly decrease pain and injury to the neck, shoulder, and back areas of adults and their children alike.

However, for all they can do, inflatable travel pillows may not come without a few shortcomings.

The question is…  Can you live with their idiosyncrasies, or do these aspects of these travel neck pillows make them more of an annoyance to a family than they are worthwhile?

A travel pillow is inherently good for traveling in an airplane where space is tight and movement is limited.  Most people think of travel pillows in connection with air travel.

A travel neck pillow can also be extremely healthy as well as comforting in a vehicle as well, especially on long car trips where mom, dad, and kids are driving long enough distances where some sleep times would naturally occur.

Using an inflatable travel pillow on any public transportation system brings with it the benefit of being small enough to carry on to one’s seats.  Once done, these little items can be deflated to pack again in a suitcase.

Packing and space is equally important features of the inflatable travel pillow for family field trips, roadtrips, weekend getaways, and family vacations.

The difficulties with inflatable travel neck pillows comes with the inflation aspect of them.

Here are the four biggest problems encountered by those who have used the travel neck pillow for family or individual travel.

1.)  Inflatable travel pillows require a lot of air to inflate and can sometimes be hard for some.

2.)  An inflatable travel neck pillow can be prone to leak, especially around the stem caps.

3.)  Most of the inflatable neck pillows are plastic and thus prone to promote sweating by some people.

4.)  Some users of these items say they are not very comfortable as far as bedding goes… that the sensation which occurs from blown up plastic around the neck can sometimes be really uncomfortable.

While the above list details some of the concerns of these helpful travel accessories, there are also fortunately some steps you can take to help overcome the problematic aspects of these take-along headrests.


Realize that inflating items WILL require proper breath support and take steps to overcome this problem, if possible.

If you are traveling by car and can have a small, portable air pump or air compressor, simply use that to inflate your pillow.  If you do not have this option (such as you would not with plane travel), make sure you research user reviews of each different inflatable travel pillow on the market.  Some companies fare better than others in this area.  In that case, simply make sure you have one on the market that is easier to blow up manually.


Do not inflate any inflatable neck pillow to its fullest potential.

This will alleviate most discomfort problems with these headrests as well as reduce problematic leaking from the air stems.

Leave a little room when you blow these pillows up, and you’ll find you’ll have fewer problems when using them.


If you do experience heating or sweating from the material used with inflatable travel pillows, look for a cover that works with your specific one.

The neck pillows that may have material which can cause sweating discomfort in some people are also generally the ones that produce beautiful, soft pillow cases that nicely work with them.

While you may need to take these considerations into account when purchasing an inflatable travel pillow for each of your family members, taking these steps can open your opportunities to the wonderful benefits of these healthy additions to your family’s travel.

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