The Top Kids Character Sleeping Bags To Consider

Looking for some kids character sleeping bags?

If so, here’s a list of the top character sleeping bags and camping gear children dream of and where you might find them.

Those children who like superhero bedding may enjoy any of these super hero sleeping bags for kids:

    1. The Batman Sleeping Bag
    2. The Spiderman Sleeping Bag
    3. Superman
    4. Buzz Lightyear
    5. Captain America

Let the budding superheroes at your house have a little extra fun with kids character sleeping bags!

You’ll find tons of Kids’ Sleeping Bags at Amazon!  (Amazon Affiliate Link) 

Girls sleeping bags that incorporate characters include some of the following:

  1. The Barbie Sleeping Bag
  2. Ariel / Little Mermaid
  3. The Disney Princess
  4. The Dora Sleeping Bag (Dora the Explorer)

Some other character sleeping bags for girls include:

  1. My Little Pony
  2. A unicorn
  3. The Hello Kitty Sleeping Bag
  4. A ballerina

Boys character sleeping bags include:

  1. The Star Wars sleeping bag for kids
  2. Sponge Bob sleeping bag (OK, I’ll admit… Our college age daughter had Sponge Bob bedding all throughout college, so I know this isn’t necessarily for boys nor is it only for younger children.)  🙂
  3. Curious George
  4. Transformers
  5. Trucks
  6. Camouflage, Army, and various other military sleeping bags for children

Tots who like cartoon, TV, or movie characters might like these children’s character sleeping bags:

    1. Thomas the Tank Engine
    2. Sesame Street
    3. Elmo, specifically, is popular these days
    4. Tinkerbell
    5. Disney Cars
    6. Toy Story characters
    7. Winnie the Poo
    8. A Mickie Mouse sleeping bag
    9. Or, on the other hand, Minnie Mouse
    10. In fact, there are Disney sleeping bags of all sorts if you look.

Update! Looking for the Elmo sleeping bag Walmart used to carry?  You might try Ebay. or you can still get this Elmo Sleep Bag Nap Mat for Toddlers from Amazon!  


Where to get toddler sleeping bags

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Toddler sleeping bags also include animal sleeping bags such as:

  1. A bear sleeping bag
  2. A zebra sleeping bag
  3. A lion, monkey, cat, puppy, dog (or doggie as my grandson says)
  4. You can even find a toddler sleeping bag with a cute, cuddly ladybug on it.

Other character youth sleeping bags include:

  1. Harry Potter
  2. Hannah Montana
  3. Super Mario
  4. John Deere sleeping bag
  5. Black Beauty or other horse

You can find many variations of the above kids sleeping bags at stores like Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, or Sears.  Lillian Vernon and Pottery Barn Kids carry many of them too as does Amazon and Overstock.

Even Bed Bath and Beyond has some although they are mostly for younger children and they prefer to call them toddler nap mats there.  I’ll tell you what though…  each and every… ah hum…. toddler nap mat Bed Bath & Beyond carries is not only cute, a little boy or girl could snuggle up inside of one quite nicely for a nice nap OR nice long bedtime sleep.

In addition to the kids character sleeping bags, want to add some characters to your kids camping gear?  You can find kids character camping chairs from Target.  I LOVE their Dora camp chair and, if our adult daughter could still fit in the little Spongebob camp chair, I’m sure she would be right there!

Target also has some cute sling chairs including the Disney Princess Toddler sling chair and some inflatable camping chairs with princesses, superheros, and children’s movie characters.

Additionally, while Toys R Us has some great character sleeping bags for kids, and you can add a kids pop up tent with many of your child’s favorite characters so your child can practice camping in their bedroom or backyard.

You know your child’s world is rich in imagination.  Fortunately there is kids bedding and camping gear for kids which provides children the opportunity to explore, imagine, and learn along the way.

Whether your child is into superhero bedding, Princess Barbies, cartoon character costumes, or science fiction, kids character sleeping bags and camping equipment is well worth consideration.


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