Natural Remedies for Severe Diaper Rash Treatment That May Surprise You

When you need to find a severe diaper rash treatment you can do at home, you might like to try one of these natural remedies people have tried throughout the years.

While they may not be the most advanced treatment for severe diaper rash, they certainly make use of everyday items from your home, and they certainly consist of natural ingredients for your baby’s bottom.

I have included some home remedies here that people have used for severe diaper rash, natural cures and folk medicine that people have used and sworn by for years, but that doesn’t mean you might be surprised at what you’ll see here!

Take a look at these folk remedies, and see if any of them might work for your baby.  You might not just be surprised.  You might be pleasantly surprised by your results.


First and foremost when there is a case of severe diaper rash, change your baby’s diaper often.  Keep that little bottom dry, and don’t let it set in acidic urine and bowel movements.  That’s just not cool, and that notion has been a foundational step for all parents throughout eternity, I believe, regardless of their specific cures or concoctions.

Additionally, remember that little bottom is really, really sore.  Protect that sore little fanny from soaps and scrubbing.  Pat only, do not wipe, with clear water only, and let those little buns air dry before gently replacing the diaper with a fresh one.

With those foundational basics in mind, you may then want to utilize a natural treatment from one of the folk remedies listed here to help your baby’s bottom heal.

Oh, and as a side note, don’t try all of these at one time.  They’re not made to do all together, and besides, you’ll probably just be a mess if you do!


Treat severe diaper rash with egg whites.

After you have patted your baby’s bottom with a soft, wet washcloth and given some time to air dry your baby’s bottom, break 3 or 4 eggs open, letting the white drop into a bowl while discarding the yolks, and gently pat the egg whites on your baby’s behind before replacing the diaper.  Some folk claim that you’ll see even the most severe diaper rash disappear within hours when you egg slime your baby’s buttocks.


Apply a baking soda mixture to a clean butt… no, not to whiten it, just to heal it!

Some people have experienced good results with a baking soda diaper rash treatment by patting a mixture of one Tablespoon baking soda dissolved in 1/2 cup warm water.  Use a new mixture every diaper change, and apply the mixture each time by gently applying the mixture with a cotton ball.

As with any diaper change, make sure you allow time for this water mixture to dry before you diaper baby up again.  No amount of severe diaper rash cures will work if you cover up baby’s bottom again while it’s still wet!


Break a Vitamin E gel cap supplement in half and rub the Vitamin E’s oil on baby’s bottom.  Re-diaper, and you just may discover that Vitamin E is good for much more than you ever thought possible.

Vitamin E provides antioxidant protection to the skin and anti-inflammatory qualities that aid in healing wounds.  With this combination, it seems like this natural cure might just have something worth looking more closely at!


Put two chamomile tea bags and rolled oats in tied cheesecloth or a knotted half hose stocking, and use this concoction as a wash cloth to clean and moisturize your little one’s behind.

The chamomile tea bags will sooth the soreness while the oatmeal covers and protects the skin with moisturizing oatmeal.

This little filled washcloth is a nice little addition to your baby’s bath time even when there’s no severe diaper rash treatment needed.  Just make sure you make a new filled washcloth often so you’re not rubbing rotten oatmeal on junior!


Breastfeeding mothers have another treatment at their disposal – breast milk.

Applying breast milk as a treatment for diaper rash may actually have some merit since a mother’s breast milk contains natural antibodies that may counter a yeast infection skin rash.

Even though you may never have thought to have done this, might this be worth considering?  Many moms who have pumped and applied (or simply aimed and squirted) have reported great strides in helping their babies with unique severe diaper rash remedies like this one.


Mixing one cup sea salt with one cup Epsom salt in baby’s bath water can be a good treatment for baby’s butt rash.

Simply mix the salts in with baby’s warm bath water, and bathe baby once or twice a day until the rash has disappeared.  The “Air Dry” treatment is still a part of this handy little home treatment!


If none of these unique natural remedies interest you, you can always turn to some tried and true diaper rash cream or diaper rash ointment from your local grocery chain or pharmacy store.

Many people have had success with store-purchased diaper rash remedies.  I’m guessing they just didn’t have as much fun with the treatment.

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