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Travel Neck Pillow

I can’t believe I’ve gone all this time in life without using a travel neck pillow. In fact, I don’t even think I knew these kinds of travel pillows existed until just recently.

I wish I would have known about these helpful travel accessories.  I lived in the Washington DC area for 25 years and traveled first to West Virginia and then Ohio to visit my parents from there almost once a month. I can tell you I have had a lot of sore necks which one of these pillows could have perhaps avoided.

Well, I know about these nifty items now, and I know how much assistance they can give to someone on a plane, train, or automobile. (Wow, that sounds like a movie, doesn’t it?) hehe

Of course, I may proclaim the usefulness of these travel pillows that support the neck to avoid stretching and pain while (and after) long rides, that doesn’t tell you what to look for when purchasing one.

What should you know about when purchasing something for neck support for your future car ride or other travel? Here’s a list of what you need to do to find the best travel neck pillow for you.

1.) Travel pillows come in different styles for different needs.

What kind of pillow for traveling works best for your travel situation?

An inflatable travel pillow can be stored in a pocket sized bag and blown up by mouth when needed. Most inflatable ones are U shaped and fit snugly around the back and sides of the neck to keep the neck in an upright position. The Inflatable Travel Pillow by Travelrest is a larger-sized, sash-like inflatable pillow that supports the neck naturally on one side and then continues down the front side of the body to provide a full, top-body cushion for snuggling into.

Any inflatable travel neck pillow can be packed in the smallest of locations and brought out just when needed.

A memory foam travel neck pillow is obviously going to provide a lot of comfort but is not easily transported and certainly won’t fit into someone’s pocket like an inflatable travel neck pillow.

A microbead pillow can also be a nice comfortable travel neck pillow, one which does have a little more flexibility than perhaps the inflatable travel neck pillow or the memory foam travel pillow, but here again, it’s going to be large to take with you (which is OK if you have the room… Just know it’s going to be larger.)

What your travel situation is will help determine what kind of travel neck pillow you’ll want to consider purchasing.

2.)  Different travel pillow styles provide different amounts or kinds of neck support.

Are you interested in a more comfortable, soft support or more orthopedic, health-driven support from your travel neck pillow?

A neck bone pillow (yes, they look like dogbones) is intended to provide an ideal alignment of the neck and shoulders.

The  Komfort Kollar inflatable travel neck pillow keeps the head snug and upright which eliminates the risk of hyperextending.

The neck support pillow like the pillow / blanket combination by Comfort Commuter provides a warm and cushy support for the head and neck while gently surrounding the upper body with a warm blanket.  While the upright neck support is more cushy than some of the other travel pillows, many users enjoy the softer, enveloping support this kind of travel pillow provides.  (I have read many users of this kind of pillow like to wear it while watching TV as well.)

Read the manufacturer’s notes and also user’s reviews at places like to see what kind of support each travel pillow provides.

3.)  The cost of a travel neck pillow varies from style to style and also from company to company.

What price range are you interested in, or does it matter?

While most travel neck pillows are reasonably priced, but there are some differences.

Dogbones Neckbones generally run around $10.00 to $15.00 as do some of the inflatable travel neck pillows like the Samsonite inflatable travel pillow.

Some pillows like the Travelon Inflatable Lumbar Pillow and the Embrace Sleep Collar can be a little more costly.

You can possibly find some memory foam travel pillows for under $20.00 to $25.00, but some may run higher as well.

The cost differences are not great enough to detract from other considerations, but know that there are some differences.

4.)  Travel neck pillows can be purchased in adult or child sizes.

Who can benefit from a neck pillow on your next trip?

Travel Neck Pillow

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A neck support pillow doesn’t have to be for just adults.  Children can benefit from such support as well!

You can find all styles and kinds of kids pillows for travel that are cute and cuddly for the littlest of kids to satin pink bone pillows or travel pillows with sport team logos for older children and teens.

When it comes to traveling long distances, no one’s neck is immune to the stretches and strains of sleeping in cramped corners.  Even children can benefit from a travel neck pillow.

With a good understanding of the above considerations and a little research on your part, you should be able to find the best travel neck pillow possible for each member of your home and family.

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