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Using a trundle bed for guests

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When designing a sleeping quarters for out-of-town visitors and guests, many families and individuals choose to purchase a trundle bed.

Trundle beds are best known for their space saving attributes, so having a bed where a second trundle bed or set of storage cabinets is stored under the main bed or daybed frame is very appealing for individuals who are looking for occasional bedding but who are concerned about the additional space several beds or bedroom furniture pieces might take.

However, while the space saving attribute is why many individuals chose to purchase trundle bed furniture for hosting visitors and guests, there are several steps one can take to make a trundle bed more appealing to the very friend or family member who will be using it for sleep during travel.

Choose a trundle bed that will provide the best use of your space while providing comfortable sleeping arrangement for guests in the home.

One of the most overlooked features of the trundle bed is the larger and various sized trundle bed frames from which a purchaser can choose from.

A host family might want to have the more-widely known twin trundle bed.  However, they could also purchase a full size trundle bed, a pop up trundle bed which lifts evenly to provide a fuller-sized sleeping area, bunk beds with trundle, or a daybed which has a trundle bed unit underneath.  A host expecting a visiting couple might consider purchasing a full size trundle bed while a twin size might be perfect for a kids trundle bed.

A daybed trundle might be most appealing if the expected guest or guests might more enjoy having a comfy place to sit during the day while visiting.

Purchasing a full size trundle bed with under bed storage drawers alongside bunk beds with trundle could turn an otherwise small guest bedroom into a temporary yet comfortable home base for two adults and three children.

Add a daybed with either under the bed storage or a daybed trundle underneath, and a moderately-sized bedroom could more-comfortably accommodate six to seven individuals as well as provide a seating area for daytime retreats when needed.

The above photo is a gorgeous way to add a beautifully-styled guest bed to your home.  Just add a trundle bed frame to a day bed, make it pretty with pretty bedding like this Greenland Home Katy 5-Piece Daybed Set, (seen above), and you’re good to go!  (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Choose a stylish trundle bed frame which compliments your home’s decor overall.

Searching and selecting an attractive trundle bed frame can also add to a guest’s comfort and enjoyment.

Trundle beds can be purchased in brown, black, red, yellow, white, cherry, oak, maple, and pine just to name a few.  They can also be made of wood, wicker, iron, logs, metal, laminate, or rattan.

Other variations of style include trundles that look like sleights, antique beds, or race cars.

Choosing a unique or unordinary frame can also provide an air of excitement for the visiting person, couple, or family.

Find and use trundle bed bedding sets to set and change the mood of the home decor for the visitors.

Finally, when purchasing a trundle bed for guest use, consider purchasing bedding sets or daybed covers that will set the mood for fun, love, holidays, winter warmth, or memorable times.

While you will want to verify your bedding size is correct for your smaller trundle bed mattress, there is a wide array of bedding ensembles specifically for trundle beds that could perk up anyone’s vacation, holiday, or family trip.

Compliment the guest room with coordinating bedroom accessories or add holiday decor if the trundle bed is in a family living area.

Holiday decorations are always fun and inviting, and such additions will create that extra excitement in the air to help your visitor feel like a part of the fun.

Adding colorful and coordinating bedroom accessories with the bedding or in the vicinity where the trundle is can only then add to your guest’s enjoyment and overall comfortable feeling.

It’s always fun to have guests over, and when they feel glad to be there, it’s even better.

Having and using a trundle bed in the home can go a long way towards creating enough space for visitors and for making the entire visit work well for everyone involved.

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