Trundle Bed Pros and Cons

When space is tight and you are considering the purchase of a trundle bed, it’s important to know how one works.

Knowing the features and specifications of this unique piece of bedroom furniture not only provides details that make the purchase of a trundle appealing, it might also provide reason for you to purchase some other form of bedding instead.

Trundle beds are a pair of beds that work in conjunction with one another, one usually a twin size, although not always, and the other slightly smaller.

The trundle, or the lower frame, is fitted with rollers, sometimes known as casters, and is made somewhat smaller than the top to allow it to be slid and stored beneath the upper trundle bed frame.

Providing you have the room to pull the lower frame out for use, this sleeping arrangement provides a good option for a small room where floor space is needed during the day or in a guest room or office where you might want the additional two beds at random times but not on a regular basis.

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In addition to the two-in-one option, some models offer storage by incorporating under bed storage drawers instead of incorporating a second, smaller frame and mattress.

A trundle purchase can also be a stylish addition to your home if you choose a daybed trundle bed which you can find upholstered in fabric, carved from wood, or made from metal or cast iron.

Having a daybed that provides a sitting area or just an appealing addition to a room with a daybed trundle underneath to provide a quick and easy bed when needed can certainly benefit any family who has overnight visitors or grandma and grandpa stopping by for a week (or two).

While these beds could be considered high ranking as practical and even fashionable space saving furniture, other structural components can detract from their desirability in some instances.

A trundle bed can sure be handy, but make sure you know the pros and cons of trundle beds before you purchase one for your home.

When purchasing a trundle unit, the underneath should be purchased at the same time as the upper frame to ensure a correct fit and a proper support system.  Purchasing the entire bedroom furniture unit at one time can result in a high initial cost.

A mattress size unique to the size of the lower trundle frame must also be purchased to accommodate the smaller trundle size, restricting the purchaser’s mattress choices for the lower mattress and creating the need for special-sized sheets, both factors which can, both initially and sub sequentially, increase the cost of this type of bed.

Parents considering a children’s trundle bed or a trundle bed for teens should also be aware that neither the upper bed nor the unit underneath will have box springs due to the physical necessity of storing one section under another section.

Bunk beds with trundle bed attachments in particular can be quite useful for clearing floor room while adding sleeping quarters, but all the beds will rest directly on slats.

These are cool kids beds, but if having firmer back and body support is important to any one of the children, a kids trundle bed would not be a good family choice.

Also, due to the logistics of stacking two beds in one space, both beds will have thinner mattresses, a factor which should be taken into account when considering a purchase like this for elderly individuals or anyone with back problems.

A pop up trundle bed is another style that a family might consider purchasing to have available for use when there are occasional guests staying in the home.  They make great guest beds!

With this kind of bed, the bottom part would pull out, lift up, and set in line with the primary bed, creating one large bed.

This creates a very usable sleeping quarters for guests, but one should realize the mattresses of two beds will most likely never line up exactly like one single, large mattress would.  You will have a trundle bed seam right between the two trundle bed mattresses.

You may not even get each section of a pop up trundle bed frame to line up exactly with one another although you’ll find they usually do fit together certainly well enough for occasional use.

Most trundles are made to withstand normal and even exceptional usage with the sliding and moving parts that might get a little extra use than a typical bed might get, so that should not be a major concern with whether or not this is a good option for your home.

Even the bed slats used instead of box springs are usually sufficient for most children and adults and would be an equivalent support that would be present in bunk beds for kids.

While some of the mechanics of the trundle bed may create a design that needs to be considered in some instances, trundle beds can be a great option for individuals and families who need more sleeping space in smaller bedroom areas, in a guest room or home office housing visitors, and for children who may want the additional trundle for sleepovers now but would more likely use the under the bed storage at a later time in life.

Knowing the idiosyncrasies that are inherent to this kind of bed is important to start the decision making process as to whether or not to purchase one.

However, considering the addition of additional beds alongside its excellent space saving features, a trundle bed could be a great addition to a family home.

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