Trundle Bed Set Up for Kids Rooms and Living Spaces

Using a trundle bed for guests

The trundle bed is a great space saver and, depending upon the style, can be used in almost any room of the house.

You can easily find either a childrens trundle bed or a trundle for your office, guest room, or living room that will suit your fancy and provide many great rewards for your home and family.

However, assembling this kind of bed can be tricky if you don’t understand how it actually works.

Get familiar with the basics of this bed here so you’ll understand what 3 steps you’ll need to take when setting up one of these pieces of bedroom furniture in your home. 

Having one bed stored beneath another or stored under a sofa, the latter sometimes referred to as a daybed with trundle or daybed trundle bed, makes this piece of space saving furniture a “must consider” for anyone who desires to have an extra bedding option without compromising needed everyday space.

trundle bed set up

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The decision to purchase a bed like this may be an easy decision for some for this reason, but keeping these three things in mind when bringing a trundle bed home will help ensure you get the most use and enjoyment out of your trundle purchase.

1.  Check the manufacturer’s specifications for the proper size mattress to purchase for your trundle bed.  Most manufacturers recommend a trundle bed mattress with a height of 8 1/2 inches or less for a trundle.  A few manufacturers may even suggest a smaller mattress thickness of 8 inches for this kind of frame.

If a mattress is too thick, the lower section of the bed may not fit well under the upper part.  A mattress that is too thick for the frame could also prevent the lower trundle from sliding in and out easily.

However, using differently-sized mattresses on a pop up trundle could cause the trundle bed seam to have a huge, uncomfortable gap when the two beds are placed together.

Use mattress sizes that will work, but also remember the end result when the two sections are level, and try to keep the two mattresses as close in size to each other as possible.

2.  Be prepared to make alterations to the casters of this bed when when you get it home.  The lower trundle slides in and out on rollers or casters.  If your carpeting is particularly thick in your home, the casters may not move in and out as they need.

If you find you can not roll the bottom frame out, you can purchase some small hardware pieces called surface slides, take your casters completely off your bed, and place the trundle directly on some 4-foot surface slides.

If you have purchased a used bed for use on hardwood flooring and your casters look worn or chipped, you can always purchase new casters or simply put some black electrical tape on strategic places on the old casters to keep the chipped rollers from firmly rolling across the floor’s surface.

3.  Trundle beds are great for small bedrooms and other rooms where space is at a premium, but you do need to remember to have room to pull the lower trundle bed frame out if you ever want to use it for bedding purposes.

This space is important whether your children’s bedroom furniture includes a kids trundle bed or you’ve included a pop up trundle bed for guests in an office.  Position your bedroom, living room, or office furniture in such a way that you have room to slide the lower bed out for use.

Otherwise, you’ll be sitting on top of that marvelous piece of space saving furniture without having use of the entire package.

Keeping these three ideas in mind when first bringing your trundle bed into your home will ensure a joyous set up for many years of happy use.

Interested?  Check out some specific diminsions of different trundle beds, and see which one is right for your home.  This full size Trundle Bed (Amazon Affiliate Link) by Poundex provides plenty of room for sleeping as well as a stylish look that fits allmost any home decor.  On the other hand, something like this Twin Sized Bed with Trundle (Amazon Affiliate Link) might be a better fit for you.  Trundle beds come in all sizes and styles!   


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