Was There Voter Fraud in the Latino Community in the 2012 Presidential Election?

Voter Fraud in the 2012 Presidential Election

Was There Voter Fraud in the Latino Community in the 2012 Presidential Election?

I think the question deserves to be at least asked before we, as a country or any specific party, decides what to do from this point on.

Voter Fraud in the 2012 Presidential Election

Where do we go from here?

I hope some wonder and investigate.

The Latino American voters supposedly came out in droves to be the deciding factor in getting Barack Obama elected in 2012, a surprise defeat for Mitt Romney in so many eyes and after so many predictions otherwise.

My question now is:  Did Hispanics come out in droves, or did the Obama campaign team know where to get fake votes in?   Could Obama Democrats have registered under Hispanic names that they were fairly confident in would not vote for anyone at all?

It is at least worth looking at those votes as we consider what happened to get these 2012 presidential election results.

I am suspicious.  Prince William County, VA went strongly for Obama.  Prince William County is FULL of Hispanics, probably one of the few places in Virginia that even has a Hispanic / Latino population other than a small part of Fairfax County which I believe went for Obama as well.  However, that Hispanic population in Prince William County consists of mostly illegal aliens, undocumented workers.  For the most part, without any illegal vote, Prince William County is pretty conservative as a whole.  I used to live there and still have many friends there.  NO ONE there, for the most part, expected anything but a Romney-Ryan victory.

By the way, aside from the secluded illegal Hispanic community in one large area of Prince William County, Virginia, this relatively-conservative county in what was a valued state prize in this election is also dominated by the military bases, military families, and the homes of educated and experienced military officers and non-commissioned enlisted officers, the conservative military vote.  Those kind of military families usually DON’T vote Democrat, EVER.  Oh, and those not military are FBI agents from Quantico, VA.  They’re a rather conservative bunch too.

We might look at a couple of things.

Did the Hispanic population in Texas, a state Barack Obama did not need, come out and vote in droves like the Latino  population supposedly did in battleground states like Virginia… or Colorado or Ohio?

Or… Did Latino voters ONLY come out in droves in battleground states, enough battlefield states to get enough votes for an Obama win just where needed and just over the line to win?

I don’t know if this happened, but here is a possible scenario and one that would be easily accomplished and would take President Obama over the top while being under the radar.

It would be an easy fix for Obama, an easy way to get just the votes in just the right places.

Some who want Obama in office could either register Latinos who wouldn’t vote anyway and have another Dem vote for them, or some individuals could register someone else, a white or black non-hispanic even, IN another’s Latino’s place and have another person vote for a non-voting Latino that way.  Many of the Latinos who live in Prince William County are illegals and undocumented voters.  Some are indeed legitimate voting citizens with a very conservative leaning.  Basically, the ones who are legally in the country and rightly vote are generally among the rest of the population and do not have immigration on their minds and hearts to the point where they could garnish so many out-of-the-ordinary votes.  The votes just don’t jive with me.

Here’s the deal.  Here’s the scenario some good journalists, pollsters, and at home researchers need to consider:

Could the Obama team have used some non-existent, non-voting, or even illegal Latino votes to cinch this presidential race?  All the Obama team needed to have done was to fake enough Latino votes in just the right areas that they would sway the states they needed to go just over the top for Obama.  That’s ALL they needed in a scenario like that.

And “why not?”, some liberals might think.  If these poor Latinos with no voice to vote WOULD vote, they commence, they would vote for their right to stay in America.  IF they WOULD vote. If they COULD vote.

“We’ll vote for them and be their voice for them” perhaps says one (or several) liberal white guys.

And we’ll win this election for Barack Obama along the way.  That’s a win-win for us.

Republicans, Romney Democrats and Independents, and even Hispanics from all political parties and persuasions need to look at where the Latino vote won this presidential election for Barack Obama and determine whether or not those Latino votes were from actual voting Latinos or were manipulated votes in their honor.

If they were real votes from legitimate Latino voters, then there is a real need to see where the GOP disconnect is there.  Latino voters and the GOP should have a lot in common when it comes to conservative values.

On the other side, if someone else unlawfully voted FOR a Latino, illegal, legal, or otherwise, then there has been a real travesty done to our election process, American Hispanic citizens, and the American people overall.

Thomas Aquinas is quoted as saying:

As a manner of honor, one man owes it to another to manifest the truth.

Let’s look and see what the truth really is here.

May God bless us, protect us, and come to our aid at this time.


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