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We’re new here at padoozles.com on this beautiful October day in 2010, and we would like you to know a little about what we plan to do and what our vision is for padoozles.com.

We’re striving at padoozles.com to provide the information you need to face everyday life.  Whether it’s in your home, in your heart, or in your circle of family and friends, life is full of tough choices and lots of decision making.  You need the most information you can find to make decisions for everyone in your life, including yourself.


We grow families around here!
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Padoozles is a directory of articles where you can come and learn.  It is particularly geared for those who have an influence in the lives of others and in the purchase of your family’s needs and home.  Our other goal is that you’ll find some hope and help for yourself here too, for happiness is contagious, and insight brings strength.

From bedding and babies, to discount supplements and debt relief, we’ll be giving you details, reviews, knowledge, and information.   You’ll also find some “around the kitchen table kind of talk” and some inspiration and vision here and there, possibly through your search words via a search engine at just the right time you need to hear something… or be reminded of something you knew anyway but put on the back burner of life.

We also hope you’ll find wisdom, comfort, peace, and encouragement amidst our various posts.  Maybe you won’t see a blatant exhibit of cheers and celebration or even always acceptance or acclaim.  However, we truly desire that our posts brighten your path, give you guidance, and help you with some of those everyday decisions you have in your life’s path.  Padoozles can give you facts, understanding, and considerations.  They can also let you know you are not alone in your everyday encounters.

Padoozles.com is a place where you can come and learn.  It’s also a place we hope you can leave with better tools to live and love.

Thank you again for visiting our site.


Chris Stevens, Managing Editor and # 1 Padoozler


It’s like a college education for a family

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