Where Can I Get a Cash Loan with Bad Credit?

cash loan with bad credit

You probably already know that getting a loan with bad credit is expensive and risky, but when you are faced with a family situation, problem, or emergency that requires a quick payment, and you don’t have the financial situation (i.e. savings or credit rating) to handle the situation in a more conservative manner, you may feel obligated to at least see what other options you have.

A cash loan with bad credit may be one of those options you consider.

I know if you are in this kind of situation, you probably don’t want to take a whole lot of time just “reading” things, but I urge you to please read our entire series of articles about bad credit loans and no credit check loans.

These articles are here to inform you and also to encourage you and to help you through in any way possible, be that help come beforehand or afterwards.

Our intention is not to stop you.  However, we do want to provide you with the information you need to proceed cautiously.

We might even provide some other options you were not aware of, options available for you even in your grave financial circumstance.  You will see the list of most related articles below for your quick review.  Feel free to use the information there to help you during this time.

Reading this article though tells me you are indeed looking at cash loans for people with bad credit.  You want to know where you can get a fast cash loan with no credit check.

You will find a list here of the most easily accessible places to get money fast along with some things to watch when choosing any of the listed options.

cash loan with bad credit

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Where to Get Cash Loans No Credit Check Required

Payday Advance Stores

You can get fast cash loans with bad credit at check advance locations in storefronts across the country.  Not only state permits physical business locations for these companies, but if you see them in your neighborhood, your state is one that permits their existence and grants its permission to be there.

These businesses generally offer a check advance payday loan which is an immediate cash loan with no credit check based on your next payday.  However, each state has different regulations for these companies to operate under.  Check the payday lending state statutes for your state and understand what a bed credit lender can offer you where you live.

Online Payday Loans

Payday loans online no credit check options exist for people in all states.  You can feel a little more comfortable knowing an online payday lender is legitimate if they also have physical locations in actual communities, but some trustworthy lenders are just online too.

If you look at getting money from someone online, do your homework on the company; check reviews, and make sure the lender is at least a reputable and legitimate company.

Warning:  Along with direct lenders, you will also find a lot of results for a payday referral program.  Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.  While some of these referrals may be secure and could help you find a reputable lender, you should be very careful you are not giving your personal information to someone you can not trust.  If you do, your bad financial situation could get even worse with identity theft.

Home Equity Loans No Credit Check

While not as quickly available, some mortgage companies do offer home equity loans with no credit check required.  You may even already have a home equity line of credit with your own mortgage company that is available to you immediately.  If not, check for mortgage companies that might offer no credit check loans if you own a home.

Cash Advances from an Existing Credit Card

If you have any credit available on a card in your name, and you can work with what credit you have available there along with factoring in a charge from the credit card company, this might be a safer option than some of the other ways of getting the money you need quickly.

Other Places to Consider for Emergency Funds  (Quick Money vs Loans)

Sell an Item on Craigslist

This is not a guaranteed way to get money quickly, but it does work.  We used this option quit a bit when my husband first started attending seminary.  You want to be careful not to sell something you will regret later, but sometimes selling something you like is worth it to help someone you love.

Pawn Shops

Somewhere between a secured loan, a pay day loan, and outright selling an item, pawn shops are something that you might also be considering right now.  I am not very partial to this option at all, but you know your situation better than I, and it may be a good option for you.  My problem with pawing something is that you are pawning something, not selling it, because you really want to keep it, and if you are in a situation where you are doing this to begin with, you very well may not have the money when you need it to get your item back.  It’s just a heartbreaking scenario sometimes, but when you are faced with turmoil, sometimes this option will work.  Just please think through this possibility with the understanding that life is tough now, and it may still be tough a month, or two months, from now too.

Family Members, Friends, and Your Own Church

We don’t like asking the special people in our lives to help us financially, and sometimes family members and friends don’t like us to ask even, but there are some circumstances where others would understand and might even WANT to be there for you.  When your electric is going to be cut off in five days, and you don’t get paid for ten, sometimes an understanding loved one could lend you enough to keep your heat going that long.

Sometimes your church can even help you in related, or completely different, ways you didn’t think about but which could help overall.

Don’t forget those who love you and who don’t want to see you suffer when you absolutely need to have some help in the worst way.

Other Options for Emergency Cash Loans with Bad Credit

Bad Credit Finance Companies

Most finance companies will at least talk to you with bad credit.  Some may give you a loan with some collateral.  However, these companies will probably look at your credit rating, and this is not a guaranteed source of urgent money for you.  It is probably worth speaking to at least one in your community though before you go with a payday loan.

Bank Loans with Cosigner

Here again, you’ll have your credit taken into consideration, and this option is not always the quickest route, but sometimes a bank will work with you if you have a cosigner who is willing to help you in this way.  If you have the time to work through your situation with a family member who can support you in this way, and you have the extra hours to see if your bank can do anything at all for you, speaking with one of those familiar faces at your own bank may be worth the time and effort.

Credit Unions

While this option is not a guarantee source of funds either, credit unions could be your pearl waiting to be uncovered.  Credit unions are sometimes a little more lenient in their qualifications and acceptances, and if you are a member, they know you are a part of an organization or group they trust, respect, and work with on a daily basis.

It’s not always our own fault we are in a financial pickle.  Even if it has been in your case, and you find your family is now in a legitimate crisis, it is up to love your family, take care of and protect your family, and make the best decision you can to go on.

A cash loan with bad credit IS possible, and there are other ways to help in your time of need as well.

Do all you can to do the right thing from this point on, and may the Good Lord bless you with freedom to go on and wisdom to make good choices from here on out.

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