Where Can I Get a Texas Free Vacation Guide?

texas driving tour guides

Don’t miss out on all those great Texas vacation spots!

Here is my list of the best places to get a Texas free vacation guide so you can get some family vacation ideas rolling.

Get Your Free Texas Travel Brochures From TourTexas.com.

I am amazed by this online travel site.  If you want to visit or vacation in Texas, this is a top destination BEFORE you plan your vacation destination.

You can order travel brochures for different cities in Texas, different regions in Texas, even specific tourist attractions and specific vacation destinations Texas has to offer and have them sent to you free of charge through the postal service or download them right onto your computer for free.

Note:  A few of the individual attractions can only be sent to you through the mail with a 2 – 4 week delivery time, but most city travel guides and many of the individual tourist attractions are both available for download or through the mail.

I really like this site.  Not only can you order all kinds of Texas travel brochures, you can see travel videos of all the major vacation destinations in the state.

You can also search for and get info on events throughout Texas like festivals, fairs, air shows, farmer’s markets, sports events, etc…  You know…  all those activities to do on Texas family vacations to help you have a fun trip.

Another benefit of this website is its interactive maps of Texas and its cities.  Having a resource like that right at your fingertips when you are planning a vacation is really helpful.

texas free travel guides for vacation areas in texas

That’s right, partner… Welcome to Texas!

Get a Great Free Travel Guide for Texas plus vacation planning tools, family vacation packages, and some of the best travel deals around from TravelTex.com.

I also found the most amazing thing on this site.  They have downloadable podcast walking tours of the major cities in Texas.   I mean like this is where you can actually download free walking tours onto your MP3 player and listen to a tour guide as you walk through the most exciting and popular tourist attractions in Texas.

Yes, you can hear those recordings right on your computer at home too which makes vacation planning even easier!

The list of driving tours in Texas on the TravelTex website are just absolutely the best next to sliced bread too!  You can find dozens of driving tours for summer road trips, day trips, family weekend getaways in Texas, even homeschool field trips if you live in this region of the country or are just moseying through.

If your planning a family vacation in Texas, use these driving tours as a part of your planning too!

Get bunches of free Texas driving tour guides at:  http://www.traveltex.com/plan-your-trip/driving-tours?c=All too!

texas driving tour guides

Travel Texas!

Here’s another sure fire way to get some great free Texas travel guides:

Always… ALWAYS check the convention and visitors bureau of each each city where, or close to where, you want to go.

Just do an online search something like “name of city” (and write the city in.. and state abbreviation if it could get confused with another state) followed by the words “visitors bureau” or “convention and visitors bureau”.  Doing a search for the city plus “things to do” or “visitors center” takes you to some places to get free tourism brochures and guides as well.

It would look something like this:

Amarillo TX visitors bureau

Dallas convention and visitors bureau

San Antonio visitor center or San Antonio visitors

Abilene TX tourist attractions or Abilene TX Convention visitors OR

Austin TX convention and visitors bureau

Any combination will get you to the city’s official convention and visitors bureau where you can order or download a free vacation guide.  That same search will also show other local sites which provide vacation information and lists of things to do in whatever specific city you searched for.

And of course, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has all the free Texas vacation information anyone needs to enjoy the Texas great outdoors.

You can view online travel info about the parks in Texas plus get info on cabin rental reservations, camping info for those interested in camping at Texas state parks, check out boating, fishing, and other lake activities, etc there!

And as a surprise BONUS

Whenever your family vacation destination takes you to Texas, make sure you take advantage of the travel resources at the Texas Department of Transportation website!

The TDOT has lots of traveling resources you can use free of charge right on their site.  Check that link out there.  You’ll be really surprised!

There, you’ve got my list to help you plan a vacation in Texas, but if you know about a free Texas vacation guide that you would recommend to others, please feel free to leave a comment below and share it!

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