Which CoCaLo Crib Bedding Set is for You?

Crib Bedding for Baby
Crib Bedding for Baby

You know your baby well, so you can find crib bedding that is just right for your child.
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Update: Looking for a crib bedding set? The CoCaLo company went into bankruptcy in 2014, but there are many other companies which can provide beautiful crib bedding sets.  Let us know what ones you find!  

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The CoCaLo Couture Company has a wide range of nursery collections for babies, and the quality of each and every collection is exquisite, sophisticated, and imaginative. The question is: Which CoCaLo crib bedding set will make it to your baby room?

Check here to see some of the most exciting CoCaLo crib bedding sets available today.


CoCaLo Baby Girl Crib Bedding

  1. CoCaLo Daniella Collection:  A cultured array of dark yellow and brown designs with a hint of red accents turns this infant girl bedding set into a modern work of art for today’s modern “young” woman.  Interesting appliques add a unique dimension to the crib bedding’s look while detailed embroidery provides an elegant touch of charm for the little baby girl in your family.
  2. The CoCaLo Couture Harlow Collection exhibits a French Art Nouveau style while incorporating Art-Deco motif patterns among bold black on white patterns.  Touches of green accents and black velvet appliques turn this stunning crib set into an absolute work of modern baby art amidst a historical stylish background.


CoCaLo Baby Boy Crib Bedding

  1. The CoCaLo Couture Aidan Collection for boys incorporates the look of the Scottish Lowlands houndstooth fabric with herringbone shapes and stripes to create an absolutely royal rendition for a little king.  Clothes in rich browns, brick reds, khakis and blues, this noble crib bedding set will be one a knight could sleep peacefully in for the rest of his days.

Neutral Baby Bedding By CoCaLo

  1. The navy and white  CoCaLo baby bedding set from CoCaLo’s Harper Collection takes on a toile bedding flair with its crisp foundational background embellished by detailed scroll embroidery and chain coupling.  Adding a variety of blue and white Harper Collection nursery accessories (as you can add matching accessories with any CoCaLo baby collection) creates a calm and tranquil look that any baby boy or baby girl could love.

Another New Collection Of Note:

  1. The Mediterranean appeal of the CoCaLo Corlu Collection makes this new CoCaLo’s baby bedding set definitely worth looking at.  While listed in the girls collection, this beautiful bedding sets seems fit for either a boy or girl with its intriguing combination of blue, brown, taupe, and ivory colors and designs.  It’s one of the company’s new collections, but from the looks of its classic design, it should be one of those bedding sets you’ll be seeing in the most “well-appointed” of baby rooms for years to come.

If you think you would like one of these crib sets or another  CoCaLo crib bedding set for your baby’s nursery, check CoCaLo’s website at www.cocalo.com for a store finder near your home or online.

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