Which Orthopedic Mattress Is Right For You?

With all the sitting, standing, moving, and grooving our bodies do each day, or sometimes because of the lack of the appropriate moving and grooving we SHOULD be doing each day, many of us find ourselves dealing with achy muscles and sore backs.

When we realize those muscles, joints, and backs are being even further tormented throughout the night, one of the best steps we could do for ourselves is to purchase an orthopedic mattress.

That may be the right decision to make, but with little information on the market and even lesser regulation on orthopedic mattresses themselves, you’ll want to factor these four things into any purchase you make so you can rest assured (pun intended) that you are choosing the best orthopedic mattress for you.

  1. Orthopedic mattresses are designed to provide correct support of the body’s spine, skeleton, and muscles, but there is no authoritative standard or government label right now that guarantees a mattress does indeed properly support a body in bed at nighttime.  Consequently, while you might see a product like this advertised, or even labeled, for health or therapy purposes, that product may not be anything but a nice, new mattress.  Before you purchase anything believing it will properly support your body’s frame, read everything you can on the label and in the instructions, and get a good feel for how the mattress is made and what it is that could actually be considered to be good support of your body.  The old saying, “buyer beware,” is the way to go when it comes to making a purchase such as this.
  2. Do not confuse a firm or hard mattress with an orthopedic one.  They are not necessarily the same.  While orthopedic mattresses can have springs, a firm spring mattress may be a regular mattress, not built to provide orthopedic skeletal support or conform to the body’s best sleeping position.  You can have spring, orthopedic mattresses, but just being hard does not mean anything except that you have found a hard, spring mattress.
  3. Therapeutic mattresses do come as sprung and coil mattresses sometimes, but new technologies have permitted manufacturer’s to discover ways to incorporate body support with luxurious comfort as well.  You now have the opportunity to consider other options such as a memory foam orthopedic mattress, orthopedic mattresses made with latex foam or air cushioned, or new forms of spring mattresses mixed with coconut fiber or wool.  Checking the feel of all the different types of styles can help you determine which overall feel you would most enjoy sleeping on.
  4. While orthopedic mattresses may be somewhat higher priced than regular mattresses, remember that you are not only purchasing a mattress but a piece of equipment for your body’s spine and consequently a lifetime of better nights of quality sleep, healing, and cellular rejuvenation.  Any price you pay for something that betters your health and wellness should well be worth your money, so give this purchase as much of a priority as possible to get the best orthopedic mattress possible.

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