Which Trundle Bed Frame Will Work Best for Your Family?

Trundle Bed Frame

When purchasing a trundle bed, you’ll be able to make a better choice for your home if you first understand how a trundle bed frame can effect your piece’s appearance and how it will hold up to your family’s needs.

Read on to see the frame choices you have from this kind of bed, and you’ll soon see which one is right for your family.

Trundle Bed Frame

The Two Kinds of Trundle Bed Frame Material


Wood Trundle Bed Frame

Metal Trundle Bed Frame

These kinds of beds are generally made from one of two kinds of material – wood or metal.

A wood trundle bed frame will most likely be the more expensive of the two but may have a more stylish look than a metal trundle bed frame.

A metal frame may be a little more budget friendly, but it may nor be as durable, especially with the added stress of constant rolling and sliding of the lower bedframe (if you use it a lot).

The choice of which material you want won’t be so cut and dry though.

While many childrens trundle beds are wooden, you can find a really cute kids trundle bed that is metal. Metal white beds with trundles can be very attractive, and metal bunk beds with trundle bed equipment (twin over twin or twin over full) can be found in all colors to add bold decor to any kids bedroom decor.

A parent might find the colorful metal is appealing when considering the childrens trundle bed and the overall look of their childrens bedroom furniture.

An iron daybed with trundle accompaniment can also be attractive, especially with the right bedding.

While the classic wood frame certainly commands gracious living and should withstand the heavy use, a metal bedframe can be extremely charming and quaint and can also provide at least some years of heavier use and certainly more years if used only occasionally such as for children’s sleep overs and in a guest room or home office.

Here’s a good choice for an inexpensive metal frame for a trundle bed.  It’s a popup trundle frame. It has good customer ratings too!    Tundle bed frame -The Hillsdale Dorchester Pop Up Trundle Unit Set Up  (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Choices Between a Pop Up Trundle Bed Frame or a sliding lower frame with simple wheels and casters and no popup ability….

(or maybe even one that is not a second sleeping area at all but just provides additional storage underneath the bed)


Some trundles simply roll out and stay at a low position.  Regardless of whether that area is built to be a bed or storage, these are made to simply roll out on wheel casters and stay at a lower level.

This is obviously fine if you want under the bed storage, and most might be fine with this option for childrens sleep overs or with a younger brother or sister in an older sibling’s bedroom.

A pop up trundle bed, where the lower section rolls out and then pops up, usually to the same level as the upper one to create one large bed, is a good choice for a guest, be that in a guest bedroom, a home office, the living room, or along with another bed in a family member’s large bedroom.

The popup option is especially nice for an occasional sleeping area for another visiting mom and dad or for grandparents stopping by.

Beds for kids don’t always have to be JUST for kids you know!  

Whether you choose wood or metal, or if you want a rolling / slide out or a pop up, knowing what your family’s needs are and how your purchase will be used should go a long way in helping you determine the kind of trundle bed frame that works best for you and your family.

I love trundles, and I like this particular frame for many reasons.  See what you think here!  Twin Size Trundle Bed Frame – Unfinished Wood – 100% Clean Solid Wood No Toxins Made in America Simple and Strong!!  (Amazon Affiliate Link)

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