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This is The New American Home,  I am Chris Stevens, and I’m glad you stopped by! 

The New American Home With Chris Stevens, located at padoozles.com, is a lifestyle blog for moms and families.  

I’m the mom behind the scenes here!  

I’ve been married to my husband John (a 25-year military service retiree of The United States Army Band Pershing’s Own, TUSAB in MDW, now a professional musician in the private sector) for 36 years.  We met in college and have been together ever since.  Wow, is he a noble one!  🙂  

Together, we have three children (now grown), two sons-in-law, one daughter-in-law, six but soon-to-be seven grandchildren, older parents (now some gone) and lots of love for our family, stand in family surrogates, and others we have grown to love throughout the years.  

We really have been blessed. 

At the same time, we’ve also gone through a lot together, that life and those experiences making us both all we are today as well as where we are in life as well. 

I guess some of that is why I began writing and publishing The New American Home With Chris Stevens.

Please take some time to check out my blog, but first, I thought you might want to  know who I am personally and professionally and what you might find here at The New American Home With Chris Stevens. 


Chris Stevens

My one try EVER at that Zoolander look. #Fail


About Me


If I had to “define myself”, I would call myself an insightful wife, tested mom, upbeat grandma, and savvy CEO at home.

As a #mompreneur, I’m a content marketing writer and lifestyle blogger.  I generally cover topics such as the family and marriage, shopping for the home, food (cooking and recipes), faith, travel, healthy living, outdoor recreation, holidays, gifts, money, women’s issues, and more. 

I have also, more recently, begun writing about beauty and fashion and especially plus size fashion for women, realizing that moms (like myself) want to be… strive to be… and should be… healthy and pretty but who also sometimes have difficulties in those areas since they are so busy raising kids; managing homes, making schedules, working outside the home, or working AT home, starting a home business or making money from home another way.

Sometimes just getting through life is enough to take a mom’s mind off what they need to do for themselves!

I hope we can dream a little here… and encourage… (I’m BIG on encouragement, by the way)… be happy where we are and then strive for that better situation in life, a better self that will be here on this earth and happily involved with our families and work here for as long a time as The Good Lord deems fit. 

On a personal note, I love cooking, coffee, coconut oil popcorn,  beautiful state parks, visiting historical national parks, social media, social networking, and vintage “stuff”.  

I also love natural products and network marketing and have combined these two passions as a J.R. Watkins consultant.

Have you ever heard of the J.R. Watkins company?  They are great for starting a home business, especially if you love natural and organic products in your home, in your food, on your skin, and in your bathroom! 

If you need extra money or would simply like to see how to start a business at home with Watkins, please download my free ebook “The J.R. Watkins Home Business Opportunity“.   


Continue reading below this photo for more info about The New American Home. 


John and Chris Stevens

Hey, we used to be young!


Well, that pretty much covers all there is about me – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the redeemed.  🙂 

As for The New American Home With Chris Stevens, here’s what you can expect.  


About This Blog


The New American Home is all about what you deal with in life every day – your family, your home, your relationships, your fun activities, your good days, your bad days, and everything you encounter in-between.

I’ll provide articles and information for sure, but as a lifestyle blogger, I’ll also provide myself.  Oh, I didn’t start blogging that way, but I finally realized a blog like this needs a real person showing real life, real challenges, and real answers… or at least some amount of real improvement along the way.  

And if I don’t show enough improvement along the way, I’ve always got the next New Year’s Day to make some more resolutions for next year.  

Never give up trying, ladies! 🙂 

My hope is that you might read or experience something here that will help you make wise choices, better selections, smarter shopping decisions, healthy families, and happier homes (and selves).


Note:  I are currently streamlining this site’s categories… OK, I’ve learned how to blog better throughout the years, lol….  

When we’re through, you’ll see categories at The New American Home to include the following:  


This Blog’s Lifestyle Categories

Home and Decor

Cooking / Food / Recipes

Holidays and Parties


The Great Outdoors

Healthy Living




Shopping for Gifts

Fashion (Coming Soon!)

Beauty (Coming Soon!) 


As you can see, The New American Home With Chris Stevens is a work in progress, just as every home and family is, just as each and every one of us is.  

We’ll get there though… We’ll get SOMEWHERE anyway – ALL of us will! 


With this much down, I bid you a fond Adieu (or Audios or Guten Tag,).  

(OK, not me… I just now looked those terms up.)  


But I CAN and WILL say 

Thanks for coming, and 

Blessings to you all.

Sincerely, Chris Stevens

The New American Home With Chris Stevens


Our kids and grandchildren

Our “kids” and grandchildren at The Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant in Pigeon Forge, TN last year.
We were missing one son-in-law that night. Now add a couple more grandchildren this year! #Blessed



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