Why Coleman Sleeping Bags for Kids are Good Sleeping Bags for Teens

Good sleeping bags for teens
Good sleeping bags for teens

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Let’s face it, parenting teenagers isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do.  In fact, one of the hardest things to do with a teenager is purchasing something your teen will use… or want.

Fortunately, when it comes to sleeping bags for teens, you have choices that may just be perfect for them, or at least as perfect as any teen would ever possibly admit to their parent.

When you’re looking for kids sleeping bags for an older child, here’s why Coleman sleeping bags for kids and adults may be one of your best bets.

1.  Coleman sleeping bags are trustworthy.

You know what you’re getting when you purchase a Coleman sleeping bag.  Families have trusted this company for years, and their products have been on millions of family camping trips throughout the years.  Purchasing a child’s sleeping bag from Coleman is always going to be a purchase you can feel comfortable with because they have passed the test of time and countless campers.

2.  You can always find Coleman sleeping bags kids of all ages will like and especially one that teens will like.

While you won’t find cute little supplies here, you’ll find good looking kids camping gear available from this camping supply store.  From dark blue to sky blue, orange and white to silver and black, your teenage family members should have no problem finding a nice color scheme that is fashionable for their tastes and not childish in their thoughts.

3.  Coleman kids sleeping bags are durable.

OK, so your teenager may not be thinking about this, but it’s still worth a mention for you parents of teenagers, right?

Each Coleman sleeping bag made has several features that protect its longer term value and use.  Coleman zippers are strong to begin with yet the company provides added features to their zippers which reduce snagging when impatient teenage hands are zipping up and down.

Additionally, most of their youth sleeping bags are equipped with features which make them easier to roll and secure tightly, keeping unused bags from dragging on the ground and getting caught in trunks and doors where they could be damaged.

Coleman also takes great effort to prevent slippage of each sleeping bag’s insulation while sleeping or washing, a benefit that will definitely be appreciated by any teenager who might not want to sleep on balled up batches.

4.  You can find a Coleman kids sleeping bag for just about any weather or nighttime temperature your teenager will be sleeping in.  

Warm to cool evenings?  You can find a lightweight sleeping bag or down sleeping bag that will work for your child.  Extremely cold weather coming.  A Coleman mummy sleeping bag with Coletherm insulation may be more in order.

Whatever your young adult will be facing, he or she will find the bag that provides the right elements for the right… elements.  🙂

5.  You can find great additional features with Coleman Company kids sleeping bags.

Coleman camping pillows could make your teenager a very happy camper (yes, I meant that pun there, lol), or you may be interested in purchasing one of their bags with a pillow attached.

As an extra benefit to the customers who purchase their sleeping bags, Coleman takes special care to build their bags in such a way so as to provide ventilation inside their bags, keeping your child’s temperature at an even level all night long.

Many of their bags also highlight special ventilation for their feet area, and if you’ve ever lived with teenagers, which I’m assuming you do since you’re reading this, you KNOW how bad their feet can sweat!  Ahhhhhhhh… thank you, Coleman!

6.  Coleman camping gear is always worth the modest cost, and Coleman sleeping bags for kids, teens, and adults are no exception to the rule.

When you buy your kids camping supplies from Coleman, you know you won’t have to give them your first born son to get what you need, and for many parents, that might be a relief (or maybe not).


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    Informative article, exactly what I wanted to find.
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  • Jackie
    The real question about the Coleman sleeping bags is whether or not you can wash them. All I know is that with kids, accidents are always bound to happen, so hopefully there's a viable way to wash them!

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